Perry, Ohio

I never seen this site before but if I had, I would probably have 600 posts by now because of direcTV. Usually I feel like I'm being anally used with crushed glass by them.

It seems my bill keeps creeping up each month. I finally decided to call them about an hour ago 10:17 PM EST July13,2012. I figured to complain about the Viacom *** and about the NFL Sunday Ticket. They usually shaft me and give new people who sign up the best deal.

This year I figured they would hit me for $370 for the Ticket and $199 for new subscribers so I was ready to do some cursing! I got some gent on the phone and only after 2 and a half minutes! (A new World Record!) I told him it wasn't his lucky day. I wanted to know what he would charge me for the ticket this year.

He told me $250 total. I was pleasantly suprised! Figured I was going to be raped again. I then asked about losing the Viacom channels.

He quickly told me he can knock $10 off each month for 4 months. I said fine. (I do miss the SPIKE channel). I have never got anything from them this easily before.

It is usually a 3 hour plus DOGFIGHT where I am transferred onward and upward to supervisors and managers. I will be watching my bill closely to see if he implemented what he said he would and if not, I will be on the phone for another round with them.

It worries me a bit as I got some satisfaction so easily. Time will tell.

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