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Excuse me if this seems lengthy, I've been a Direct TV customer for at least ten years and I've finally had enough. Where do I begin?

First bundling Direct TV with your phone service is a BAD idea and here's why; on two occasions I was charged for not returning a failed receiver. The first time the charge, $199.00, was added to my bill 15 days after they had received the unit, which was over a week prior to their allowed return time limit policy. Not only did Qwest suggest that I pay it and wait for a refund but threatened to shut my service off if I didn't as they pay DTV first, no questions asked and then act as a collection agent and as I later found out can turn off your service. I suggested that the State Attorney Generals' office would likely be interested and asked if they would put that in writing as I wasn't dealing with either of them as a banking service. "I didn't owe it and wasn't about to pay it. I gave them the tracking number for my return shipment and the delivery time and date. Although Qwest finally relented in the collection of the charge it took over three months for Direct TV to credit my account. On another equipment exchange it took three weeks for me to get a replacement receiver after finally being told that my unit was failing. The thing wouldn't even power up but I had to go through their dumb troubleshooting script just to be told it was broke. (They lack respect for their customers and I was told that their receivers don't break but I've had to replace 4 of them over ten years.) When I finally received the new box it didn't come with the return shipping label that was supposed to accompany the unit so I called what they identify as Customer Service. The "well trained" agent abruptly told me that if they wanted the box back I'd receive the label. Later during several additional calls I learned that he didn't even log the call, or so I was told. The really disturbing issue was that they, after a few months, credited my account only to add the charge back that same day. So more contacts, more wasted time on the phone and more frustration all while the broken receiver lay packaged and ready to ship next to my entryway for well over a month, still no return shipping label was received. One would think that it couldn't get worse but it did, read on. During one of my calls it was asked where the old unit was and I informed them that I had gotten tired of looking at it and tossed it in the trash after seven weeks. Oh that was too bad because now they couldn't reverse the charges. I sent them an E-Mail with an attachment, not yet delivered but addressed to the State Attorney General stating my case. All of a sudden a charge reversal was in the process but not before I got several E-Mails about how it's my responsibility to return broken receivers and I kept reminding them that it was their responsibility to supply return shipping labels and in fact they would be held to the same time limits they impose on their customers. We can't return it in two weeks if we don't have that ####### label Think it's over, not quite, during the 5th month of this roundabout Qwest disrupted my DTV service over these erroneous charges. Of course I went ballistic and contacted Qwest, now CenturyLink, who informed me of how lucky I was that it had been them whom had shut down my service. Of course I got the spiel about the pay and collection issue again but upon reviewing my account, they saw where it was credited and re-billed and decided to turn my service back on while continually reminding me that I was lucky it had been them whom had turned it off in the first place. OH BOY! All in all it took over 6 months to get this resolved. Oh did I tell you that the new receiver was a refurbished unit and doesn't work properly? When you go through the menus it skips, exits and or won't let you open files in the "play list" when there are multiple shows recorded and stored in that file, we have to reset the thing about 3 times a week in order to get it to work and we all know how long that takes, about half an hour or so. Fact is that they didn't fix the issue with this box when it was returned by the previous users. Well my issue doesn't end here:

I'm not about to go through that game again but about 2 years ago we had updated our service to HD and had their contractors come and swap out the dish and install the HD receiver, which didn't function properly so we had them back out just a few days later. They made some dish adjustments and replaced the box. Things seemed to be working properly end of story, not on your life. About 11 months ago we were offered 5 additional HD channels for around $5.00 a month but we weren't getting them. So we thought we'd just save the money as by now we were in the middle of the last issue and were about to cancel the account. That's when we found out that the DTV contractor had not turned on the HD function of the HD receiver when they replaced it. We had paid for over a year for a service we hadn't been able to use and never having seen it, HD, we weren't aware of the issue and had it not been for the additional charges for the add-on HD channels we would not have known about the HD set up issues. It was such a blatant mistake that it took the Tech over an hour and a half to figure out the issue was in the set up. But of course they had limits on how much credit we would receive, how far back they could go and of course it had to be credited over time, no refunds! Well that time is up now and of course that other box that doesn't work correctly, we still have it. BTW I found this site while investigating how to turn both DTV and CenturyLink off…..sad but funny. I'm turning off CenturyLink because when I bundled them with "DTV" they became their customer and I became second class.

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