DTV"S billing department must be full of third graders with dull crayons. They Can't get anything right.

They offered me $5.00 a month off and free Showtime for three months when I called about the channel losses a few months back. On my first bill after that they were charging me for Showtime. I told them to remove showtime and they charged me to do that. I recommended a neighbor to DTV and with the $5.00 reduction and the $10.00 reduction for getting the neighbor to go with DTV, I wound up paying more than before any of the discounts.

When I go to any section of programing and scan the channels, I dare not stop and lokk at one because wjhen I go back to surfing, it automatically takes me to all channels.

Several calls to DTV and no one there has a clue why that happens. What a swell group.

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No one has a clue because customer service is farmed out to a sweat shop in Manilla. They cannot only respond with "canned" answers they have NO capability to solve problems.

This is a prime example of contracting overseas for services to a country for which they have little or no knowledge.

I asked for a phone number in the US and they will refuse to give it to you. They need a good old- fashioned Class Action Suit.

to ashleesdad #1368586

Let me know if a class action suit is initiated. I would certainly participate. This is without doubt the WORST customer service I have ever experienced.

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