Breese, Illinois
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DTV billed my bank account first of all ,and i don't have any of there services and haven't in over 3 yrs.

Now they are sending me bills and threatening to turn service off witch i do not have becuase i have New Wave and would'nt give up there service due to the knowledge and the respectfullness of the people that work there. unlike DTV the people have no knowledge of what they are doind and they always pass you too another department ,I think the problem is ,they don't know what one hand is doing while the other hand is lying to the customer. If this really gets to the vice president of DTV please do something about the people you have working for you and send them to school or some kind of training to do there jobs and comunicate with the other branch's you all have or try down sizing so your customers don't have to spay for stupidity,especially the customers like myself that are getting charged for services they do not have thak you .

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you might try calling your bank and tell them you want to dispute the charges from DTV.DTV has your bank account# from somewhere and you should make a point to find out where they got your # and get this taken care of before they debit your account again.

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