If you have ever thought of using direct t.v.PLEASE don't!!!

My checking account was debited using my debit card to take out the early disconnect fee and the last bill. I had called dtv and cancelled my service. I was told about the $300.00 fee. I asked the agent for dtv for a paper bill through the mail like i get every month.

He advised me that he would send one out. At that time my account would need to be paid in full. I advised the agent that once the bill was recieved I would pay the full amount. Well Well, when I checked my bank account online today I found that dtv had deducted my account.

I called dtv and asked for a merchant recall on the transaction. I was advised that they couldn't do that. I asked to be put through to someone who could or a phone number to someone who could. It never happened.

Have you ever had an agent speechless from dtv? I did. The agent was very nice but still couldn't help me and couldn't do the merchant recall. I know they can do a merchant recall.

Any business can do a merchant recall on a transaction. It's my opnion that the dtv company is getting away with THEFT. It's ashame that a hard working American like myself now has to deal with bouncing checks because dtv has ROBBED my checking account for all most $400.00.

As ex-dtv users we need to tell everyone who uses or is thinking of using dtv to use another company.

Now I have to sit here and figure out a way for my family to make it next week.

Don't forget about the checks that are going to bounce.

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