Chesterfield, Missouri
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On 12/3/13, I started service with Century Link bundled package for $ 85.99 a month, two year commitment and Direct TV . I went over with the representative who explained the offer what AT&T, TimeWarner and Dish Network were offering.

After disclosing that said companies waived installation and shipping/handling, the rep advised there would be no additional fees. Subsequently, I received my first bill from Century Link for $ 93.96, internet only and no fees were waived. Shortly after, I was notified by Direct TV that I owed $ 60.25 to them and currently had promotional prices for one year. Far beyond the $ 85.99 quote in addition to paying $ 35.00 for installation and up front for shipping ($ 21.40) equipment.

As it was within thirty days, I cancelled century link only spending $ 65.00 for internet considering they generously apologized for being mislead and credited $ 20.00 to my account. However, Direct TV I spent nearly two hours arguing with "Vicktor" over being mislead by a second party they authorized to set up bundle packages. Initially, DirectTV said they would not waive the early termination fee as I surpassed the 15 day grace period and did not bring it to their attention upon receiving a formal statement they alleged they sent out I never received. I advised them that I only became aware of the mishap after receiving my Century Link bill that stated otherwise than what was quoted to me.

Finally, they waived the early termination fee as they could not find any documentation that I signed for any equipment and/or contract.

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It is very hard to believe that DirectTV waved the early cancellation fee. Whatever account you gave them will probably have a hefty sum debited from it on your Jan bill. What they say on the phone and what they do is often two different things.