Fitzgerald, Georgia
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I just opened my January 2014 bill and am very unhappy. It's early a.m.

and all their offices are closed so I can't talk to anyone. I would think a company this large could handle paying for some help, they sure get enough money from me! I am currently being charged monthly for a EFT payment reversal! What is this for?

Is this the thanks I get for letting auto paying out of my bank account?

Still trying to fix this! I can't wait to talk to customer service in the morning as they are sure to get an earful...There...100 words!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Why even try this is another case of I'm right and nothing you can say, show, prove to me will make me think I am wrong, You didnt live up to your contract, they DO have the right to take their money, the contact was showed to you, maybe you should get someone who knows how to read to go over it word by word with you because Section 5e does say they can and WILL take money owed to them off the card on file, I deal with it at least 25 times a week and most of them can not get the idea of giving your card number in the past for a security deposit for possible charges in the future, you gave the card, you where TOLD and you can read the agreement at any time at directv .com/agreement so thank I would like to thank you for having enough money in your account to make sure we got all the money owed


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They said it was their error and now no fees are attatched.. I had changed my billing date and they entered it wrong. Thanks.


They are open 24/7, that alone showed you can't manage yourself, maybe you need a payee to pay your bills it's ok grandma it 2014 not 1988



Thank you so much.

DirecTV is open 24/7, just give them a call and let them calmly know your frustrations, their agents are well trained to handle all your worries.


Now you know why it is NEVER a good idea to allow anyone to automatically take money from your bank account. Once gone, it is gone for good most of the time.

Change your billing method from auto pay to sending a monthly bill and then pay by check. You may need to change your bank account number, etc.

to stop this or just close the account and open up a new one. Companies love auto bill for just the reason you are complaining about.


Even better would be to send money orders for payment of their bills.