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In June 2016 I called to add whatever channel on Directv would be broadcasting Copa America (soccer) for my son. The service rep set me up with what he said was the right package.

He said it would be free for 3 months and then $14.99/mo. After adding the package, we weren't able to find the games on the channel added. After a couple of days I called back to find out what was going on, and found that we actually needed ESPN. I asked them to cancel the old package and add ESPN.

I thought they had. 5 months later, I noticed that I was being charged an extra $14.99 for the old sport package that I had canceled. They issued me a credit and supposedly canceled it. The next month, there was the charge again.

It took HOURS of time on the phone, explaining what happened over and over again. I'd be told that it was taken care of, and then the next time I called, I'd be told that I never canceled it. Why, I would ask, would I call to add the right channel, and not cancel the wrong one. I had called within 1 or 2 days!

Back to June, the day that I called back to get the right sport package - the customer service rep said "Congratulations! We are able to upgrade your equipment! The receiver and faster and the Genie is smaller!" I told them that I had upgraded within the last year and that I already had the small Genie. They assured me that there was new equipment out that was better than what I had.

I agreed to upgrade, and to an additional 2 year contract as a result of getting the equipment. The equipment came in about a week. I was halfway through the process of switching out the equipment when I noticed that each new piece looked exactly the same as what I was removing. The Genie's were the same size and the model numbers were the same.

I finished the last swap out and immediately called Directv. I told them that I thought that they had "upgraded" me with the same equipment and that I had told them I thought I already had the most recent equipment available, but that they had assured me I did not. I told them that I didn't want the equipment and that I wanted them to release me from the new 2 year contract. The service rep, wasn't listening (or understanding?) a thing I said.

He thought I was trying to activate the equipment. I told him that everything was activated and working fine, and he kept trying to get me to go through the process to activate. I finally got a manager, who understood why I was calling, who confirmed that I had received the same equipment, and who assured that I wasn't bound by any new 2 year agreement. I was happy.

Until November 2016, when AT&T installed U-Verse in our neighborhood. They broke a water pipe and a gas pipe, as well as knocked out internet out twice for a total of two weeks, and then ruined out lawn. When I called about having our service knocked out, they asked if I'd like to change to AT&T U-Verse and TV. They said that it wouldn't get knocked out by anything because it wasn't in the ground, it went through the air.

They also said that because of the inconvenience, they would give everyone in our neighborhood the best available pricing. I agreed - and was supposed to get it for the same price as my current internet and TV. Extricating my AT&T bill from Directv was a feat. It took hours, of course.

I was told to keep Directv for about a week after the AT&T installation, not quite sure why. Anyway, I called to cancel Directv and was instantly treated rudely. They wanted to know why I was switching and I told them. At this point, I really thought that Directv and AT&T were working together and didn't realize it would be a service war.

Regardless, I canceled the service, then got a bill two months later for $50, a pro-rated cancellation fee. I called and told them I had no current contract. They referred back to June when they sent out the "upgraded" equipment. I explained the situation over and over to no avail.

I went from customer service, to billing, to a "manager." Billing told me that they could see that when I called upon receiving the equipment, and that the account was noted with a "contract termination" but that it didn't actually state anything about what was discussed or what the final decision was. I asked for the manager. The manager was worse than the first two. He said that the conversation was recorded - so I asked him to please listen to it, I was confident that once he did, everything would be fixed.

He said he didn't have access to it, that I would need to fill out an online form to dispute the bill and that I could ask them to listen to it when I did that. I was so frustrated - I told him that I was not paying the $50 - he then told me that if I didn't, they would report me to the credit agencies and it would ruin my credit. He then asked if I had returned the equipment yet. I told him that we had just received the box two days ago.

If said if I didn't return the equipment that day, that I would be charged for it. It was Friday and I was calling him from work on my lunch break. I got it in the mail on Saturday, I wasn't going to risk getting charged more money. I immediately went to the online form that he suggested, and after writing about the whole situation, got to a point where I was supposed to enter my account number and credit card information.

I'm not that ***...however, it wouldn't let me submit my complaint/dispute, unless I did!!!!!! That is thievery at it's worst! I know exactly what would have happened if I did! I am now searching the internet for an address that I can send my dispute to.

I found this website instead. I will go without ANY tv before I ever go back to Directv.

Over 10 years with the company - and never again! I have better things to do with my time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Remove the early cancellation fee from my bill.

Directv Pros: Tv service.

Directv Cons: Price, Customer service, Dishonesty, Lack of concern, Fraudulent sales practice.

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  • Early Termination Fees
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There should be a support group....I was a 5 year customer and thanks the lord I always mailed my payments ....autopay just makes it easier on them to steal....mailed out their return box today