Tooele, Utah

Every time there is a little rain storm we loose all satellite signals

We can watch anything on the television news, weather, anything

If there is any kind of a broadcast warning we can't get

It, well die in a flood or tornado because my family and I can't see

what's going on with the weather cause all we get is a black tv screen

Can you please fix the problem. I would hate to go to all my social networks with this… Facebook, twitter, ect.

I live around the Terrace and Morris area in Wichita, Kansas 67218

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Loved Directv before we lose the signal in any rain or matter how light. The service is jittery and glitches constantly. As per usual, ATT took a great product and made it awful.


Every time it rain we loose signal. Too bad when we need to know if we have to take shelter.

Neve had this frequent outage with Mediacom. Iowa City, IA


why keep Direct Tv everytime it rains I loose my tv


I live in Texas (the southern end of Tornado Alley). I have called Direct TV and fussed at them and basically all they tell me is that I have a 2 year contract with them and I can't change anything.

The AT&T salesman lied to me when he sold it to me.

He said I would not lose the signal. Direct TV is horrible.


Direct TV is horrible in Texas rain. Every storm and you lose signal.

Irony is that we really need to see the Weather Warnings.

When you ask about this, the salesmen say it is not a problem. WRONG!!!


I live in TX... recently we have had several storms and earthquakes.


luckily I was unable to see anything on the news doe these issues since my directv has been down EVERY TIME it rains!!!! I am done....looking for other services today!!!


U can get alerts on it phone it's not the end of the world


Mr. President Carey

Despite 7 years of being a loyal customer with over 7 receivers in my house, Weather failures (which I honestly don't think you guys can overcome quite yet), False promises, keeping money on my over payment of my bill, I am done.

Believe it or not, I was still going renew my account (we suspended our account because we are building a new house, closing in less than a month) until I called for my renewal. Everything I was told 6 months ago about staying a loyal customer has been false.

My original equipment, purchased in 2004, is antiquated and was told it would be upgraded at no cost to me, when I "unsuspeneded" my account. It didn't quite work that way when I called today.

I planned on having 7 to 8 receivers, HD, DVR, Standard throughout my house with Direct TV. Just like I had in my old home for over 7 years with you. Good luck to your company, I'm not impressed with your customer serves/loyalty.


We are all done with the awful service we have with satellite tv. Our day was planned around the Pats game.

We wait all week for that and now we have nothing, the tv(s) don't even come on! It's so expensive for the horrendous service they provide.

@Jean Kelley, Tom Kelley

You can't record and watch it later either. When it rains, you lose. And, no disclosure of this when they sell satellite, either.


I also lose service every time it rains. I called a rep and she said that it would cost me for a man to come see if my dish was out of alignment.

I told them I was with them since 2006 and this just started happening within the last 6 mos. She said it was my responsibility to maintain their equipment(I was given this when I signed up with them). When I told her this she still insisted I was the one who had to do this or be charged a service call. I am 63 yrs.

old I said and she still insisted it was my responsibility. How's that for service for a customer who has been with them that long and has a bill of $90 per month.

Guess when my contract is up I wonder what they'll have to say when I no longer want to stay with them. Because you can bet they are out of here.


When I had DirectTV my service was interrupted at least 2-3 times a week and sometimes more if it rained or the wind blew very hard. The last straw was when we had a tornado on the ground in my area and yes,I lost the signal, it was a nightmare!That is when I made up my mind to rid myself of DirectTV.I got rid of them and will never under any circumstances have their service again!

Miss Elvira

Yup! Direct T.V.


Hope you don't live in Fl. then you are in real trouble.