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Direct TV took out $750 dollars out of my checking account WITHOUT permission two nights ago. I gave notice to Direct TV almost 2 months ago when I was planning on moving back with my wife.

The boxes to return the equipment never showed up so I called back again to cancel and the boxes finally arrived. So two mornings ago I wake up to pay some bills and take my family shopping and realized that I had NO money in my account. So calling Direct TV, pissed off and freaking out they tell me that I "agreed" when I cancelled the "agreement" that I would pay $600 dollars for a early cancellation fee. Funny, I WOULD HAVE NEVER EVER AGREED ON THAT!!!!!!!!!

WHO THE *** WOULD??? The best part is that they continued to tell me that I signed a 3 year agreement, why would I sign a 3 year agreement for *** *** CABLE when I was only at the rental house for 6 months...The even best part is that they would not and could not produce any signed contracts with my signature on it or any other material to make this *** legit. I spoke from the little people on up to the ones that could have fixed it, only if they would had have a heart, but no one there does, so good luck with that...Oh ya, between two different people, one said I was responsible for 2 years and the next one said 3 years...They don't know what the *** they are doing besides raping poor, hard-work, patrons as myself, who pay my *** taxes...The person who set up this *** never ever explained any of this to me, I never signed ANYTHING but yet they can go into my checking account and take out what ever the *** they want...Best part is, Bank of America let them. They would not return my money to me nor do an investigation cause "Direct TV said I owed it", so please spread the word DO NOT GET DIRECT TV.....NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!


I am a married man with a 8 year old daughter and a wife that is a full time med student, so needless to say, we now have NO MONEY to live for 2 more weeks. My wife and mother-in-law are closing there accounts with BOA this week and I suggest if you want to keep your money safe, don't keep it with BOA...

Hope this helps anyone not go through what I just did!!!!!

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Good Grief!!@ I DO SO ISCJ apologize for ALL the typeos in this post!!!!! No excuse -- JUST a HEARTFELT apology!!!!!


We've had Direct TV for YEARS now and BELIEVE ME -- ANY time it rains, or is windy, or it snoos, Or ANY "bad" Weaethe -- WE DON'T get SERVICE!!!!! BUT!!!!!! My husband thinks DIRECT TV is SO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O much BETTER than cable!!!!!! DUH!!!!!! At least WITH CABLE TV we WERE ABLE to get sevice!!!! With DIRECT TV (Satelite TV)It ALL DEPENDS on WEATHER CONDITIONS!!!! SO it BOILS DOWN to paying OVER $100.00 PER MONTH for "service" that ONLY WORKS in GOOD weather!!!!!

What used to make me LAUGH UNCONTROLBLY was Dirext TV's commercial where a couple said that enev though their ELECTETRICY was OUT (this was DURING AND AFTER a HURRICANE) they were STILL ABLE to GET Direct TV!!!! DUH!!!!!!!! ANY *** would KNOW that NO Electricity = NO TV!!!!! I even emailed Direct TV about THAT and, guess what (Like we REALLY thought DIFFERENTLY) NO RESPONSE from the company!!!!!! GEE, WONDER WHY??????????

Believe me, MY OWN experience has been IF it's windy, rainy, snowing or ANY OTHER WEATHER CONDITIONS EXCEPT -- sunny clear skies -- we ahve ABSOLUTELY NO DIRECT TV!!!!! My daughter and I laugh likme CRAZY when it's windy and we see, on the TV screen, "Searching for Satellite Signal"!!!!! Actually I WICH we HAD CABLE BACK!!!!! BIT, hubby INSISTS Direct TV is BETTER than Cable!!!! WHOP am I to SAY ANYTHIGN???? 'I'm ONLY the WIFE -- A FEMALE and knows JACK SQUAT about these things!!! Yeah, right, sure!!!!!!


So why did you give out your checking account number? No money to live on for two weeks? Ever hear of saving your money?