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When moving to a new home in Florida I requested the my Direct TV programming be transferred to our new location. They insisted I needed a new box. After installation we did not have reliable programming. Daily we would be in the middle of a show and the show would be lost or it would be so scrambled that we couldn't possibly watch it. I called and called, they had us do all sorts of things included countless times of resetting. After more than a month of continued calling and complaining with no final solution that would work, we cancelled. Now we are being billed for early cancellation for equipment that does not work. I say how can we be charged an early disconnect when they never got the service correctly connected to begin with? I have offered to send the box back - they refuse. I have asked a local Direct TV guy in their truck to take it, he refused. I contacted the BBB but Direct TV simply refuses to acknowledge the problem and keeps referring back the customer agreement. As far as I am concerned they are the ones who broke the agreement. Now they have turned me over to a collection agency but I still refuse to pay over $200 for a service they never provided. Now what do I do?

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I am so pissed right now because I cancelled my direct tv service shortly after installing it because the dish was installed incorrectly, my hd box was not working most of the time, and i couldnt get someone out to my house to actually fix anything. I cancelled service the same day I signed up for comcast cable.

they sent me a final bill in the mail for $250 in April, but to be honest, I was in no hurry to pay it. I looked at my checking account today and much to my surprise there is a bank card debit from them for $497. I have been on the phone with them all day. I get conveniently disconnected at times and this last "supervisor" tells me that there is no documented history of me even cancelling service.

they refuse to reverse charges or to tell me what the charges are for!! they should be closed down. i am so upset.

i am bouncing things in my account!! what can we do???