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I signed up for new Direct TV service today, 8/24/13 at Sam's Club in Pinellas Park, FL after I was informed and reassured by the Direct TV sales person that Direct TV and Verizon FIOS have an agreement that Verizon will not charge a termination fee if you sign up for Direct TV and cancel Verizon TV, as long as you keep 2 of the bundled services (i.e. phone and internet).

After signing the paperwork, giving them my credit card information, and setting up an installation appointment, while in Sam's Club, I then go home and called Verizon FIOS to advise when I will be cancelling my TV service. I was told there will be $190.00 termination fee. I explained that the sales person at Direct TV informed me they have an agreement with Verizon and a termination fee will not be assessed as long as I keep 2 of my services with Verizon. Verizon told me they do have a sales agreement with Direct TV but DO NOT WAIVE THE TERMINATION FEES.

I then drive back to Sam's Club to speak with the Sales person and advise him what I was told by Verizon. He apologies several times and told me that was the information given to him by his Manager.... how he will speak with his Manager about it .... but that would have to be tomorrow morning.

I told him I want to cancel the install. He informs me I have to call 877-758-4346 to cancel... he's unable to do so. I call 877-758-4346 and was on hold for several minutes....

then a recording came on telling me to call back at another time as their reps are busy. I then call 855-434-4301 (another Direct TV number) and explain the situation. I was told by Direct TV I have to wait until the technician arrives to install the system and then tell him I want to cancel. THAT IS INSANE!

Why would anyone waste their time.

I plan to file a complaint with the FCC and BBB.

  • Direct TV false advertisement
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FWIW according to Verizon's own agreement the sales person in Sams was correct

from the above link

"The Early Termination Fee will not apply if you cancel your FiOS Bundle or terminate a Service and, at the time of such termination, order and agree to a new FiOS Bundle."

so if you have a FiOS triple play and drop TV but agree to keep phone and internet you now have a new Fios bundle and as such there is no early termination fee


The people that sign customers up for DirectTV at Sam's Club and BestBuy and Walmart are DirectTV employees!! they do work on commission but are also hired by DirectTV!!

and therefore are employees of DirectTV and have all the information on their laptops. How else could they sign customers up for DTV service? If they can sign you up they can also cancel service for you. I'd certainly check out the 15 day window in most states because I have read where people have tried to cancel the next day and were told by DTV that they had only 24 hrs to cancel.

the best thing to do is stay away from DTV!

They are nothing but Scammers! read the other reviews on this site if you do no believe me.


That person working at Sam's Club was not a Directv employee, that I assure you, my friend worked at a Costco at a Directv kiosk and people that do that are not Directv employees. They work for a commission. That person directly lied to you or was given wrong info by his manager like he said, it is possible.

The other reply was incorrect. The 24 hr period starts when the installer comes out and completes the install, which is sealed by your signature after the install agreeing that it is complete. Not until then are you locked into a contract and also most states you have a 15 day window in which you can cancel w/o penalty depending on your state.

You need to stop contacting middle men and contact Directv directly.


Thank you. All is settled now.

I finally spoke with DirectTV, after calling 3 different numbers. They have cancelled the agreement and said I can expect a refund within 5-7 business days. I already called my credit card company to alert them of the charge I'm disputing.

I also spoke with a Manager at Sam's Club and she filed an incident report. Thank you all for your comments.


I believe you have only 24 hours to cancel service with DirectTV By the time the service tech gets there it will be too late you will automatically be under their 2yr contract. I believe I would demand the representative at Sam's club cancel this, he is the one that signed you up and therefore he can cancel this.

You may want to talk to the manager at Sam's club regarding this. If this does not work you may have to close the credit card to keep them from charging it for early cancellation fees and non-returned equipment fees.

Filing complaints will not help you in fact they most likely will not answer. hope this helps