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Directv account number:76802935Within the past 7 months I have encountered a repetitive problem with Directv's install that has caused damage to my Yamaha A.V.R. and Mitsubishi TV. The first time was July 2012 and the 2nd time was within the past month. With that being said ,each time the same problem occurred, and the same damages have occurred to my equipment... I had to pay for the repair last year and now I have the same problem all over again... This is what occurred, The LMB on directv's satellite dish was blown out, along with directv's receiver, my A.V.R. and TV were also damaged due to directv not having their equipment installed in a manner to prevent such instances from occurring. It appears that a current is being transmitted throughout the satellite cabling ,through the satellite dish receiver ,through the HDMI connections to my A.V.R. and HDMI connections on my TV resulting in the HDMI boards/main boards being blown out in my equipment.

David Lester a supervisor with Directv came by My Home on 6/26/2013 and assessed damages and confirmed that the initial install of the Directv equipment was installed incorrectly...He stated that the Dish was not grounded properly because it was not grounded to the house ground, in fact it was on the opposite end of the house from the home electrical ground! Therefore I want to be reimbursed for all Damages, My equipment repairs, Breaks in Service along with being reimbursed for all of the trouble that I've been put through due the improper installation of Directv's equipment... Directv has refused to take responsibility all along causing Mental and Emotional problems for myself along with the damages of my audio and video equipment (TV/AVR)! Mr. Lester stated right before leaving my house on 6/26/2013 that Directv would be out to relocate the dish to the proper location at the opposite end of the house, connect it to the house ground, along with my equipment being repaired promptly! With that being said ,I receive an email 6 days later from claims, stating that my claim had been denied! Mr. Lester had stated that my dogs had something to do with this matter, when my dogs stay in the house , they're house dogs. They sleep in crates and are right by our sides, My wife and I the majority of the time. My dogs have nothing to do with the dish being installed in the wrong location, not to speak of the improper grounding location! The ground wire was not attached to the ground properly from the beginning, not to speak of it not being connected the the rod properly...This is un-believable! I can't believe that Directv has a dishonest and impolite individual such as David Lester working for their company, let alone being in a supervisory position. Mr. Lester was very impolite when I called him to discuss matters regarding my claim on 7/2/2013, he hung the phone up on me. That's bad business! I don't appreciate the way that I've been treated by Directv's personal ! Directv also cuts corners every chance they get during installs. This is a perfect example as to what I'm speaking of. Directv used pre-existing hardware/cables that Dish Network installed 13 years ago in and around my house.

I will be filing a law suit if this matter is not handled expiditiously!

Monetary Loss: $2200.

  • Directv Denied Damage Claims
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Call your state Attorney General and they will go after these crooks!!!


I had a brand new rood put on my home in late September last year. We called our DIRECTV people to have the dish removed by them so the roofers could finish the roof in that area and put in our new

sky light.

While the roofers were finishing up on the roof the service representative came back to put the dish back on the roof. It should have gone in exactly the same place I would have thought !!!! He moved it closer to the sky light and asked the roofer if he thought "WE would notice the holes in the roof where he had tried to install it - but decided he did not want to put it there after all?" The roofer replied "of course they will - I just installed an $8,500.00 new roof for them!" The dish was installed much closer to the sky light that it was before and when my husband saw where it was placed he was not happy - when you look out the sky light all you can see is the dish!!!!! Out of the goodness of his heart and the fact that he knew we were upset that the installer had ruined our roof - the roofer just tried to repair the holes the best he could !!!!!

Everything had been OK until we got heavy rains - then the sky light would begin to leak. This is a brand new sky light and has 6" flashing going out all around it and is guaranteed not to leak ever !!!! But yet it is leaking thanks to the installer - what we and the roofer believe happened is that when he drilled MORE holes to install our dish - he drilled into the flashing !!!!! As the roofer said "if there is anyway for water to find its way into your house it will".

And it has !!!!!! With the recent ice and snow - it has been a constant nightmare around here - the water is running out of the skylight like a faucet has been turned

on !!!!!!! Nothing can be done until the nicer weather get here - but in the mean time I just wanted you to know how disappointed and annoyed I am with your installation people. I had put in a claim when this all first happened - but you wanted pictures and all kinds of stuff which I could not supply you with because the roofer fixed it immediately for us !!!

He fixed it for nothing the first time but I

do not think we will be that lucky this time!!!!

And there would be any type of compensation that you could supply to us to help us resolve this matter it would be greatly appreciated !!! Thank You !!!!


No fraud...I have pictures and a witness along with violated NEC Codes on my side! Directv mastec came out and relocated the dish grounded it to the home ground and have decided to pay for repairs!

The check is in the mail!

God Bless You...


OMG "Mental and Emotional damage" you are already setting up to sue, your just mad because you had problems and want to blame someone and DTV told you to stick it, is'nt that why you should have home owners insurance just because you don't want to file a claim that is no reason to lie about DTV I have looked at the notes on your file, you have changed your story many times and just won't accept that we will not pay for your attempt at FRAUD so laugh like we are

@DTV Billing dept

you sir are a ***, only lowlife bumbs have directv


@wally the beerman

You need Jesus in your heart my friend.Directv has relocated the dish, grounded it properly and paid for damages. I'm a happy customer. :)

@DTV Billing dept

If directv had installed and grounded their equipment properly I never would've had to contact the corporate office and discuss matters with you.Look at the recent notes on my account and you will see that you're wrong. Directv has relocated the dish, grounded it properly and paid for damages.

I'm a happy customer. :)

@DTV Billing dept

What is your name? Never mind, I know who you are! No fraud at all! Just someone trying to get their equipment repaired and I did, so let it go! You know $2200.00 is a lot of money to some people during this day and time. This didn't just happen once, it happened twice to me. I researched and found that other directv customers are having the same problems with their equipment. It just might be because their equipment is not grounded properly. Directv could save themselves and their customers a lot of time and money if they would just ground their equipment properly.

May God Bless You,


2200 dollars? I make that a day throwing jobs in, I slop it all over and never ground

I lay cables on da ground and kick the dog and cuss at the customers

I really pitty you sorry sack of ***

@DTV Billing dept

I was looking to get Direct TV, but seeing this is how costumer service responds I will not be getting it! Wow.

@DTV Billing dept

How do you know this person is lying? DTV is NOT the company they use to be, they DO lie to customers, they DO improper installations, they DO damage property belonging to a customer.

If there are any attempts at fraud, it is being done by DTV, period.

Now that they are in bed with AT&T, customers WILL be treated even worse.

@DTV Billing dept

Lol "damages I'm suing" you sound crazy already my god