Stephenville, Texas

Upon entering the contractual agreement for Direct TV, I was not informed of a 199.00 fee to transfer service to a new address. I had specifically asked this as I was looking to purchase a home and was told that the fee, if any, was and would be minimal, close to that of the initial installation fee of $75.00. I would not have entered into the contract knowing that I would be charged approximately $235.00 to move my service to my new residence within a 5 mile radius of my current location.

I requested to speak with management to file a complaint and find a resolution for them to uphold their initial information that was provided to me and was told that their services and charges change at a regular basis and that they would not reduce the fee for transferring my service to my new residence.

Also, there have been many instances in which my account had never been documented, or they claim that there is no record of my previous conversations. I would like to have the dialer file pulled and all recorded conversations pulled. Because of these instances I have had my credit report pulled twice just to enter into the agreement causing my credit score to be negatively affected by a hard inquiry. This has yet to be resolved either.

I am beyond upset with this company and will be cancelling my services and would rather pay the fees to end my contract then to continue paying for services with a company that misinforms their consumers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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