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Fix Fox 360 HD Channel today, or we are dropping DirecTV. We have been with DirecTV for quite some time now and used to be with DISH.

Because of this particular problem continuing to happen, we promise to drop DirecTV if it is not fixed today. We do not want to have to drop DirecTV, but everyone needs constant viewing of FOX NEWS, especially now so close to election day, since it is only FOX News that is fair and balanced.

Whatever the problem is, please fix today and keep it fixed, unless you don't mind losing lots of customers. Trish

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have reported DIRECT TV TO THE FCC. This is bull ____!


19 of MY friends and family ALONE dropped direct TV over this B.S. right here!!!

I switched to Time Warmer Cable due to a pretty good deal they were offering for 2 years, if the price climbs substantially after that, it will be Dish! After being with Direct TV 25 years....they can SUCK IT, WE WILL NEVER AGAIN IN OUR LIFE TIME GIVE THEM A RED CENT OF OUR MONEY!


Wheres Fox this is crazy i pay my bill where is it ????