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Directv - Triple Play Bundle Review from Orlando, Florida

Directv - Triple Play Bundle Review from Orlando, Florida
Favor friends and family please share! Do NOT order DirectTV or ATT or whatever they call themselves when they pass you from agent to agent, doing everything but resolving your concern! I have called with issue after issue since mid Jul when I first signed up l with my so called Triple Play. Their "partnership" with Exede Internet and Phone is a joke, not sure if DirectTV or Exede has the worst customer service, who has longer hold times, or reps who have no clue manning their phones.... Many calls lasting more than an hour ( have date and times) to both of these companies.. Sadly only to one company blame the other about why the phone and internet doesn't stay connected. I have bought "extra" wireless equipment as recommended by both Exede and DirectTV... from both companies, and even spent 50 plus from Amazon for a wifi extender to have my internet actually reach all rooms in by 2500 sq foot palace as recommended by the Exede tech. Apparently these walls on my manufacturered home are so thick that the wireless signal can't get through to all phones, boxes, devices etc.. Now my Genie or whatever it is called has "blinked" and is out with an error code 39 and has not recorded my shows for more than a week, not to mention my Ondemnd feature completely vanished from menu. Now after another 1.5 hours Sat night on phone with DirectTV to CSR who swore no techs available to come out for nearly a week. (at least didn't give apt and no call no show like did for 9/19 apt when they were susposed to meet Exede rep here. BTW, thanks Exede for actually showing up) CSR said only way to help me faster would be to Fed Ex me a new main Box. She assured me I would get tracking number in email Monday, and I would see what time arriving Tue. I wasn't happy with this solution, but since agreed to send to my work rather than risking Fed Ex just noting my door and a trip to the Lakeland FedEx to pickup said box, I agreed. Yet there was no email today with tracking number so I called back, spent another hour on the phone today to be told they never do fedex or priority, not their "process" going to be told 3 to 5 days..WTF??...she Flat out lied, not misspoke, not mis led, not "what didnt say or mean" this time just LIED, not once but several times in one call she repeated, I repeated back etc. Agents today? So sorry if she said that she was wrong... well oh even if said that not their process or concern.. oh not their problem and it is definitely not their concern that WHEN I finally get this box Thur or Friday, then get hooked up that it will take Way more than the 10 Gigs of data they set me up with Exede for to watch all these shows that for 2 weeks that their sytem with their error code failed to record if I want to see them OnDemand... Oh even worse I have repeatedly been told not their concern, not their problem that their partner Exede Internet can't or won't after 2 boxes, several service calls, extra gizmos, and all other BS still doesn't work right. We still do not have internet that will stay connected so we can have a phone for Ms E to call 911.. Funny Direct TV tells you in their looped message while you hold that they record all calls. They should listen to today, Oct 1st, and a few others (I have dates) like when I called the first time and lI explained I HAD TO HAVE PHONE, that the whole reason we wanted the triple play was for the Land line phone for Ms E. who is in her 80's so if something happens while we are working she can call 911 since she doesnt understand a cell phone it is her ONLY MEANS OF COMMUNICATION...So now does phone stay working...NO...Internet.. NO. No Ondemand most of time, now not at all and now DirectTV system doesnt even record... Tonight last but not least I said I dont want my money back, not even for the extra equipment purchased, at this point I just want released so I can get a company that can get us a phone, Internet and for the 170 a month I pay even working cable and DVR.. for me the last straw tonight was agent in Loyalty department Kevin who doesn't apparently have a last name, or employee number, nor did he have an address to file complaint in person, no where in all of central Florida... Kevin who doesn't have a supervisor or manager that will come to the phone, nor per Kevin will they call customer back later... Kevin who said I can take the box use it when it gets here, or I can return and cancel but I am will be billed I am locked in contract regardless of equipment failures or other issues. When I said not good enough and refused to hang up he cold transfered me to the technical department where of course they didn't know or why I was even on the phone... the Kevin according to Josh who got him involved with the incident request # if there are any managers or people that actual can help a customer before I file my BBB complaint with all dates, times, call logs etc, consumer affairs in Hillsborough county and anyone else I can file with.. a manger who is anxious to resolve b4 you are sued because we needed 911 and could not call because again no Satellite phone or internet there when we needed it... look up that ref number and call or email have my information I am sure! Please friends and Family share and if you know a local office I can go to see someone face to face, please let me know where it is..
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Directv Triple Play Bundle
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