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I'm definitely feeling those who's had problems with Directv.WORKING for this company was an absolute nightmare!

I personally went through 9 straight wks of training & once you get on the floor, its a completely different ballgame. The Team Leaders literally would tell us to forget everything we learned in training, & the Quality Assurance team were complete douchebags when they monitored calls. They definitely had their favorites, and would target certain people to get rid of them. From an insider's perspective, they deserved the "F" from the BBB!!!

To make a long story short, I got the *** out of there & now am so much happier & stress free!!!!

Beware of the Early cancel fees for the account, premium removals before 30 days, and having the protection plan for less than 1 year.I refuse to EVER work for another shady company like them again!!!

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I worked for a Directv call center for about a month and quit a week after I hit the floor.Why?

Because it'sa very high stress job. You can't always solve people's problems, you have to look through a bunch of confusing screens and continuously walk them through steps, if al of that doesn't work then you have to send a van out. I was constantly putting people on hold trying to get a supe's help and then waiting because they were helping other reps. After they go to me they weren't always able to help, because the problem sometimes can't be immediately fixed.

While this is happeneing the team leader sitting in the middle high desk calls out your name on the speaker that you have somone on hold over a minute.

Stress from too many angles.I quit and haven't regretted it!

Lancaster, California, United States #1305529

After less than 1 year with DTV, I want to change carriers ASAP......


The person who wrote that statement is just mad because they think they know it all and Noone has the right to tell them what they can and can't do they are lazy and do not reflect the feelings of 99% of the fine men and women that work for directv. this person would rather complain about a job and quit and lay around and let us working folks pay for their life while they get food stamps and Medicaid

to Anonymous #1217566

I just had to comment, how do you know this person is sitting around?Do you know them?

How do you know they did not squire another job.I don't know this individual but it makes you look foolish by the comment you have made.


My boyfriend is working for Direct TV right now.He wants to quit but he doesn't want to be screwed on the $700 they owe him.

Well they owe him $300 for last weeks jobs (which he will be paid on Friday for) and another $700 for this weeks jobs (which he will be paid for next Friday).If he quits, will they take his money?


Good for you!It's nice to hear from an actual former employee - everything that I've been thinking about them from personal experience.

They're terrible!Internet tv - way to go!!


Horrible business practices..very unfair...they took all of my money in my bank account without any notice at all... I am disputing this with my bank and also reporting to BBB.. Not ok...horrible company to deal with.

to iveymarie #1131719

It's literally in your contract that if you sign up for DTV, you need a CC or debit which will stay on file for the duration of your service and WILL be debited if you leave the company with fees on your account. Read your *** contract.


I work at the directv call center in boise.The journey so far has been epically amazing.

Yes training is a little short but a lot of the information is learned on the phones. There is about 4500 pages of information and policy. A lot to learn. I go to work with the mentality of it being just like school.

Constantly learning something new everyday. The support from work peers is incredible. The only time that this is a bad experience is when you don't try something new as far as call handling as in not applying the advice that is passed along. The other aspect is when you don't have patience with yourself.

Not every job is meant for everyone or at least it may not be everyone's passion. Avoid making the call a transaction, the calls are meant to be conversations. Anyone with good interpersonal skills, interpretation, soft skills and a want to genuinely help people can do this job. This company takes care of all of its employees and it's customer data base.

I along with thousands and thousands of employees are proud to stand by att and directv alike.Enough said

to Anonymous #1124625

I also work in ACE at the DirecTV in Boise and I second everything said above. It has been an amazing job in an insanely positive atmosphere, with support in your peers and leaders alike. We strive to make the best of every call with every customer and to provide high quality television for people across the U.S.

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