Orange Park, Florida
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And it happens exactly at 6 when the show starts. All the liberal news stations are on but not Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends is the only show in the morning that reports the Truth and Facts about the clinton scandals. We know who Direct TV is supporting in this election.

Like true liberals... they act like children by doing this... like it will change our minds or are they just doing it to irritate us.

Children.... We will call and complain again ... what good that will do ...who knows because the poor people hearing the complaints are probably Trump supporters.

This comes from higher up... Ilene and Jack Yocum

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bias.

Directv Cons: Bias.

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Democrats suck, and so does Directv.


I called and got through. I told them they need to get of the liberal wagon and turn it back on or I will be organizing a class action suit.

The little girl that answered the phone SAID she noted my account. So sick of the establishment controlling what I see and hear. What really gets me, is the enormaty of the amount of people who are voting for that POS!! I dont like either candidate this year.

I will be honest. But Trump did get my vote. He is brash, He is an *** etc etc etc. But what has changed over the years?

With him? Not a *** thing. I KNOW what He is about. Wow.

Just Wow!! If Clinton wins this; it will be because she cheated. Which is exactly why Trump wouldnt answer the question as to if he would shake her hand and accept it. He wont accept it.

And further more; he can afford to prove they cheated him IF she gets in.

That woman needs prison stripes!! Rant over.


I just tried to call. This is very up setting to me. I pay for this service and they have know right to do this.


Off the air 2 days in a row here in Farmington, MN....tried calling Direct tv...cannot get through!


Can't watch fox in Alabama either. Directv are done if there doing this.


It is out in Texas as well but i am also missing CNN. This is the 2nd day in a row and it is really making me angry.


Same here in GA!! Fox and Friends, only channel off air!!

i tried to call Direct TV, and prompts won't let me through! UNBELIEVABLE!

Are we living in RUSSIA? I even tried to email Fox from their website, and my email won't send.


Dish has Fox News...not out there


It is out in Ft myers complete *** was on yesterday. The truth should be told. All other stations are are on but reporting on movies and unimportant info!!!!!!!!!!!!


I echo: Bye bye, Direct TV. This has finally done it with me.

I will be eliminating the Direct TV expense and will cancel my service over this insulting attempt to hide F&F programming. Silly and scary and very lame of them.


Off the air in Wilkes Barre Pa....Can't get thru with tech support

First time in 20yrs with direct tv that you can't get anyone on the phone....Bye bye Direct Tv


It appears that they just "black out" F & F to eliminate reporting reporting the "bad news" regarding well as black out the Trump enthusiasm.


So- can anything be done about this or reported? Direct tv had technical difficulty during several large events for Donald Trump if I remember correctly.


Pissed off - Jacksonville Fl

#1236126 I just talked with my sister in North Dakota...not on DirecTV...they on CATV.

She just checked and they have Fox & Friends...watching it now!!!!

So this is an AT&T/DirecTV ploy to conceal the "bad news" about Hillary!!!!!


Maryland same way, no excuse! This will be the future if Hillary wins!


Completely agree!!! WTH


Pissed off ...Ohio


Same thing on Fripp Island, SC!!!!!!

All DirecTV subscribers....cancel your contract with this sorry, totally biased service.....


He will stop this BS!!!!!!


Yes! Same thing Anderson SC! Corrupt!

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