Orange Park, Florida
Not resolved

And it happens exactly at 6 when the show starts. All the liberal news stations are on but not Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends is the only show in the morning that reports the Truth and Facts about the clinton scandals. We know who Direct TV is supporting in this election.

Like true liberals... they act like children by doing this... like it will change our minds or are they just doing it to irritate us.

Children.... We will call and complain again ... what good that will do ...who knows because the poor people hearing the complaints are probably Trump supporters.

This comes from higher up... Ilene and Jack Yocum

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bias.

Directv Cons: Bias.

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that is what I'm thinking here to .


Same thing happening in Georgia too....


We are from Fort Worth, TX. Same thing is happening here.

We will be cancelling our service, too. This is ***!


Why is Fox News and Friends off the air again? It was off the air on Wednesday as well.

Although, we know they are on (checked XM). Why hasen't the Directv Tech support resolved this problem?

Only news channel off the air


I live in South Carolina and I am fed up with direct tv blocking Fox and Friends.....this is just par for theses Liberal cry babies..they cannot handle the truth...I will be canceling my service ( no matter what he price). I have tried to complain but can't even get through....


I just switched channels to Fox Business and watched Maria. Don't understand why Fox News is out two consecutive mornings


Directv has got to be owned by the liberal Democrats for sure. I guess that's why they have so many complaints against them already. I use to have it years ago, and it sucked, they are nothing but greedy crooks, just like Democrats.


I live in Houston, and same thing is occurring here as well. I called Directv, had to deal with the robot three times before it would transfer me to technical support and while on hold, the call was disconnected.

This is America not some third world country who dictates what we cannot watch.

I'll be cancelling Directv.