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I have been a client of direct tv since the mid 1990's and now I find out that Direct tv is dropping the FOX channels/sports. If this happens on November 1 as stated I SHALL DROP DIRECT TV like a hot rock. I have paid my monthly bill on time each and every month and never considered changing from Direct Tv until I learned of them dropping FOX channels/sports.

Direct Tv SHALL lose my business forever if the mentioned above happens.

I have never complained about much, but this totally unacceptable, Direct Tv needs to consider their clients before they make decisions like this!

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If they drop these channels, is our bill going to go down?


You guys do understand that they are in a dispute because FOX wants us to pay more for their programming right? They did the same to DISH Network last year, and now they're trying it with Direct...if they drop FOX...its so YOUR bill won't go up by 40% just for that programming alone.


Like SOA hate Direct TV


Being #1 is keeping long term customers happy & satisfied.Keep the fox programs to provide your loyal customers such as my self the type of programing fox provides.

Direct tv would take a very big hit by not negotiating with the fox affiliates.

Don't be ***'s!:upset


You're exactly right.I've had them for years.

They're gone in a heartbeat if they don't fix this. I've always felt like Direct TVs customer service is lackluster anyways. Its a pain to drop channels, you have to call, not just do it online.

I'll get HBO for 4 months so I can watch Entourage, but its a pain to drop it after.I'm with you, if they don't get this fixed, I'm done.


Lets all drop it just to prove who really matters in this dispute..... the customer!!!!!!! something corporate amreica does not understand!!!!111

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