Kennesaw, Georgia
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3 Days now. The morning show on 360 has been missing. During a political time when Fox is the only channel telling the whole Clinton scandal story Direct TV decides to play politics. I didn't know my monthly bill was going to a democrat supporting company. Direct TV, controlling what their customers see and hear to help hide Hilary's legal issues. I pay way too much to have this *** happen.

After the NFL Season is done, I'm cancelling after being a customer since 1995. $149 a month. How pathetic. This just shows how desperate the Dems are. But why work so hard to elect such a flawed person and party. Direct TV You Suck.

Dave K. NJ

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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“There is no constitutional value in lies and no legitimate protection for people who recklessly spread false information that could harm others." THANK YOU FOR CANCELLING FOX


My suspicions exactly...360 the only channel not accessible. Direct tv purposely blocking Fox News.


I don't recognize my country anymore. I never realized we were so corrupt.

I also am dropping football package and directv package very soon. I will look to someone else for my cable.


Exactly correct. Free and unbiased media is now only a vague and outdated dream!


Just started here in Tennessee. I feel like I woke up in a communist country this morning.

For the love of GOD, please tell me that this isn't happening in MY AMERICA. This about more than a tv channel.

This about the loss of our freedom.