Manitowoc, Wisconsin
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Put Fox back on or I will Switch to DISH, This is the second time this week your TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES have only been with the Fox News Channel. REALLY if you think we believe this is real you need to treat your customers with more respect.

I will switch to Dish in a second if this happens again. You cannot tell me that it is by chance this happens to just this channel twice in one week.

Again if not fixed right away or this happens again we are going to Dish. We have been customers for a long long time so we expect more respect than this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I beleve that this world should have fox to watch the game bring fox back before you have less customers we pay to much money to not have what we want bring it back brung fox back


fox is a local channel I was promised, they broke the contract.


Bye Felicia...


I understand what you are upset about completely, that happens in our area but with other channels. But I do believe from my own inquiries, it is not directtv.

It is actually the networks that pull from the provider, not the other way around. I have come to believe them as it has happened with various channels, in differing areas. Also, the networks do the exact same thing to dishtv as well.

I live in an area where cable just recently became available. and ALL of the neighbors have complaints about both providers.


when I call direct Tv 800# the caller ID says MAS TEC. Really?


I am with you, I have been with Directv for 15 years, but I am about to change to Comcast. Since ATT has taken over ownership everything about Directv has gone down hill.


I have the same problem. What a corrupt company DIRECTV is. This is posted all over social network.

Guess what, DIRECTV, TRUMP will still be elected.


I agree, very suspicious