Seattle, Washington

DIRECTV Stole Money From My Bank Account WITH NO NOTICE! $787.62 Was Took From My Account I Talked To A Rep #786299 The Rep Was Extremely Unhelpful, Offered No Solution , There Is No Words To Describe Displeasure With There Customer Service.

I DEMAND a Refund OF ALL my Money This Is Absolutely Baffling. There Was No Email Or Mail Sent Stating ANY balance Owing. I Am PISSED OFF And I Have Recently Switched To Comcast Because Of DIRECTV's Inability To Resolve Customer Issues ! This Is Absurd There Was No Authorization From Me To DIRECTV To Take Money From My Account .

Please Have Someone Contact Me IMMEDIATLY At..



Monetary Loss: $788.

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***, I'm sure dtv didn't take such a large amount for no reason, it was OWED, did you think you would leave dtv and not have a final bill or cancellation fees ? Because based on the amount I'm sure you cancelled early in a contract or didn't return equipment which is dumb on your part because you DEFINITELY don't keep equipment, card disclosures are read as well. And dtv takes what is owed.


Sorry but the fact is anytime you give a company your account # they have the right to debit that account for money owed to them. Most companies are reputable and do not do this but DirectTV are *** and will sink to any level to get money.The only thing you can do is file a dispute with your bank and if by chance the money is returned close the account to prevent recharging but DTV will put this on your credit report and hound you night and day. Get a tracking# when returning their equipment or there may be another big charge from DTV.


Maybe you should read the agreement you signed it say DTV DOES have permission to debit for money owed so now that we established that your a LIAR maybe you should say your sorry to that rep that was only doing their job

@DTV Billing dept

Maybe you are the exact reason why people are leaving directv and why directv has lost its rating with the BBB. Not saying Comcast is perfect, or DishNetwork, BUT..

it is just an example of how large companies seem to care less when they believe they own a monopoly. I currently have Directv and having issues with it since its install in April. The receiver (Genie) locks up and reboots on a constant basis. I have had service nearly 10 years and NEVER had a customer service issue like I do currently until I got the Genie installed.

After 27 service calls and being sent to "engineering" to try to resolve this.. NOTHING has been done thus far. I know the bank card they have on file.. ITS BEEN CANCELLED ..

at least until we get this issue resolved and get the system working like it should.

Maybe you should learn how to provide customer "service" or start looking for a new job with Directv is forced into bankruptcy from losing all of its customers, because that is where they are heading soon.

Especially since they LOST their BBB rating... and that alone is a HUGE issue!

@***ed at directv

Its a huge issue? I didn't know that a 3rd party incorporated business was a big problem. You do know that almost any business with a large customer base has a horrid rating with the BBB right? Look up the Ritz Carlton on BBB...they have an F rating, and they're one of the best hotels in the world.

DirecTV is not anywhere near bankruptcy, and never will be.

Now, I'm not saying that they're perfect, because like any business with a lot of moving parts, its hard to get everyone synched up together.

Technical issues happen. Sometimes they can't be fixed. sometimes they can be.