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in july i was talked into getting the genie boxes. i asked how much my bill would go up monthly.

she said $10.00. my bill went up $40.00. plus a 2 year contract which i was not informed of. making $7.50 a hour, why would i agree to these terms?

i would not!!! now i can not get out of the contract nor get any kind of help. after being a 12 year plus customer, this was nothing but short of being fraud by directv!!! very dissatisfied with this company now and will never again recommend diectv to anyone!!!!

your company is dishonest and will take advantage of anyone....can not wait to get rid of this i will tell people from now on just how dishonest you are. plus you have raised the rates again....

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Preferred solution: get me out of the contract.

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If you were not made aware of any agreement and/or not transferred to a third party verified for you to understand the agreement, if you want to cancel you can go speak with a representative in the contract department once being transferred there and have them look over it all, if they see you were not transferred to the verified you may be able to get out of directv service, however if you decide not to cancel then you are unfortunately than acknowledging you understand it is a 24month agreement.