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Where do I begin. I am pleading for someone to listen to my situation, and to please help me!!

Let me categorize the situation as having two discrete problems: 1) Being billed for services I never asked for or agreed to, 2) The worst customer service experience of my life today. 1) BEING BILLED FOR SERVICES I NEVER AGREED TO: Back story is this. In September of 2017, I decided to switch from Verizon to AT&T for my mobile phone service. I went to an AT&T store at my local mall, and began the dialogue with the Store Manager.

The package he offered seemed good enough to make the decision to switch from Verizon to AT&T. On top of it all, he offered to “throw in DIRECTV for only $10/month!” I never watch basic cable and “cut the cord” years ago, but I thought hey, for $10/month, sure, sign me up. We switched our phones over, and everything was fine. We then received a call from DIRECTV to setup the cable service, which we assumed was the next step for the $10/month service we were offered.

So we scheduled the appointment, they arrived, installed the cable boxes, and life went on. We never use the basic cable / DIRECTV, but again, I didn’t think anything of it for the low cost. That is until I received an email this morning saying “YOUR SERVICES WILL BE TERMINATED.” So I immediately opened the email, and saw that I apparently owed $250 for DIRECTV. Well that didn’t sound right … I was under the assumption that I since I had been paying my AT&T Bill on time each month, that I shouldn’t have any outstanding bills, much less something as large as $250 for something that should have cost only $10/month!

So I immediately called customer service (I’ll get to that in my next point below). From talking with representative, apparently they were able to find evidence of the $10/month promotion, but that was only for an online streaming service (DIRECTV NOW, maybe? … I don’t know, as I’ve never used the service). But that the in-home service was $55/month (and would be more when that promotion ended!).

HOW DID I GET SIGNED UP FOR THIS ADDITIONAL SERVICE??? Is this FRAUD?? Was is very concerning is that the AT&T rep (“Mike” was his name … his boss was “Andrew”), no longer works for AT&T. Did he sign me up for something that I didn’t ask for, intentionally?

Or was this just some oversight, miscommunication, or mistake? Well, I would hope that DIRECTV customer service could help to find some of these answers. Which brings me to my next point. 2) WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE: I have now spent nearly 3 hours out of my day, trying to understand why I was billed in the first place for something I didn’t sign up for, and to resolve the situation.

I’ve had to speak to 5 different customer service reps by calling the 1-800-531-5000 number, they dropped my call once, no one could initially understand what was going on (they tried to cancel my Cell phone service at first??), and then when I finally asked to speak to a supervisor, things got really bad. All the supervisor did was argue with me! They said “well, we’ve been sending you emails” as if that is defense enough for robbing someone of $650. I have never received, opened, or read any emails that would explain any of this.

Again, my assumption was that I was paying my $10/month charge when I was paying my AT&T bill. Which is a fair assumption given how I entered into this who arrangement. And that I was never expecting to receive bills from DIRECTV! So any email that might have said “your bill is due”, was irrelevant to me considering I was paying my bills through the online MyATT app (or so I thought).

Whoever is reading this has to understand, there is no malice here or false intent. I never knowingly signed anything or confirmed receipt of these services at such a cost. And I feel that I have been duped into this situation! And of all people, I would think that your Customer Service team would be the ones to listen and understand the situation and work to defend the rights and perspective of the customer.

My experience was the complete opposite. The supervisor was argumentative, completely dismissed my claim, said I owned the full amount (fine), and then proceeded to tell me that I owe them another $380 for terminating services that I never asked for! THIS IS UNJUST AND UNFAIR AND FEELS LIKE I’M BEING BULLIED MY A COMPANY TO FRAUDULENTLY STEAL MY MONEY! Please someone hear my plea.

I’ll continue to escalate this matter as far as I have to until someone can listen. Please let me know if I need to take this up to the DIRECTV Legal team.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Last night I tried to cancel my DirecTV service. I was expecting long delays and multiple offers trying to get me to stay.

I expected the run-around. Just not having to literally run around in order to cancel my service. The rep asked for my 4 digit PIN. I'm in my 50s and don't have a bunch of PINs.

I have one 4 digit PIN, then a couple variations when a 5-6 our did digit PIN is required. So, I tried my usual PIN. Wrong. Then the last 4 if my SSN.

There are no other 4-digit numbers I use. The rep said I had one more try then he'd be locked out. One last ditch try of another 4 digit number which if course was wrong. So I could not close my account.

He said I have to go to an AT&T store and get my account unlocked. But can I close account there? No! Once I trek to a store and get a new PIN, I must call again to close my account.

I didn't go to AT&T last night. I won't make it today. Not sure if I'll make it tomorrow.... I wonder how many extra days of service they get by doing this.

(BTW, I'm not a conspiratorist. I've seen that DirecTV /AT&T have been forced to pay fines and settlements for defrauding customers so it fits their pattern.)


Having similar issue now


Worst company. Worst customer service.

Billing me for new charges after I cancelled. They need to be investigated.


We canceled our Direct TV service in June 2018, after having them add services and channels to our account randomly. Fast forward to February 2019 and I get a call trying to collect on my account.

They somehow reactivated our account in January, without any communication from us. They are now trying to collect $455 for the NFL package on an account we don't have. After 2 hours on the phone they said they would credit $300.

Really? I'll be turning them in and finding an attorney.


I am experiencing the same problem. I have a recorded conversation with customer service stating they agreed the account was set up wrongly in my name and I should not be billed for it and they would take care of it.

Another month later I receive another bill charging me for services and the cancellation of the contract. I called repeatedly and got hung up on by customer service.

I am now getting collection calls for $600+ for services I NEVER agreed to. Nobody will listen and nobody will help me.


Directv billed me every month for 6 months twice for on demand pay per view movies I pay for them on my bill then the next month they add them back on again I send them a copy of the bill and receipt showing I paid it then they fix the problem then on Aug 30th 2018 the blocked me from any more credits after they already admitted every month and gave me credits for 6 months, then now they admitted again that they did over bill me again but will not give me any more credits for 6 months they said they know they over billed me but dont care policy says after so many credits they dont care and Aug. 30th I have proof I paid every bill and Sept advance billing shows I paid advanced billing with guests pay per view then on the 2nd of Sept.

my bill was $489.00 in one day saying that I rented $272.00 in payperviews in one day and have to pay for September and Octobers bill then bill shows I owe then $874.00 in 2 days all my receipts show I paid all bills on time and never late. I see they charged me for 21 movies I bought 2 to 3 months earlier please help 254-404-9189


Our issue is different but just as shady. So we had ATT with Direct TV for several years.

We finally decided to cancle our DIRECT TV on 7/16/2018. We made sure to cancel before the next cycle started. This month we got a bill for over 500.00. We called and were told that ATT pays Direct TV 2 months in advance.

So, since ATT had already paid August and September in advance for us to have cable bundled with our WiFi and home phone, we had to reimburse someone (still don't 100% understand)for the two months. I reply, "So, you are telling me I have to pay for 2 months over cable and phone service even though I cancled both services and will not have the services for the 2 months that were paid in advance, I still have to reimburse ATT. I got a bill from Direct TV today telling me I have a zero balance with them now. I get a bill from ATT saying I owe over 500.00 .

I told my husband he has to fight this because this is not right. And he told me to look it up and see if there are others or if this is an isolated scenario.


I love directv. Watching it now. Never had a problem with them