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I recently spoke with Kaitlin at customer service,and apparantly they are hiring attorneys to answer complaints. I looked at a bill my elderly mother-in law recieved a week ago.

I am so dis-pleased with first the service,the picture only comes in when you have clear weather and consumers do not rate with this poorly un-organized and fraudulent company's billing procedures,I offer to at least 10 customers dealing with FIOS undelivered and *** attorneys answering thier consumer disputes, I asked Kaitlin if she made corporate decisions and she gracefully said yes! I say look at a company that employs attorneys for customer service,You know they have problems-I hope too hear from a few customers who recieved the dis-connect bill for the Verizon bundle package. I know my mother in law is a slow payee,But she cannot afford to pay a fee that is absoultly illegal first and foremost,but seven days and a dream call that was never made. I expressed I will pay for services rendered if she turned on her T.V.

but I guess her job is too screw with people and challenge me for a lawsuit,I am hoping a few people who did not order Direct T.V. or sign a contract with the Verizon Bundle,and told FIOS would soon be reaching them and Direct T.V. was a temporary service until they ran cables in said area,I did like the 3rd party unlawful trick that Direct T.V. is playing saying Verizon took money from them and they are taking service from an elderly woman without a living spouse and a big black box too look at.I would say she is not the only person who has been not given the right even to dispute this outrageous dis-connect fee,and still thinks she has service,I hope we all stand together on this problem and unite a class action law suit against a F.C.C.

violation-getting an elderly womans pocketbook,and the false fee that she recieved for a disconnect she did not even want,from a company that did not notify her by phone,I was told direct t.v. left a message,it did not exist on her answering machine,I thought you have a right to dispute a bill,but I guess Direct T.V. has a government pass on fraud and bad billing practices,espically because she did not have sufficient time to even re-pay this fraudulent bill that Verizon is being accused by Direct T.V. for taking her money from a previous late bill,I don't understand how a company that is being contracted by a big company and reputible company about being the cause for Direct T.V.

outlandish and fraudulent bill caused by Verizon,I would only hope there company can expect a drop in thier stock to handle a slander suit by Verizon and a class action by myself and my wife for a nice law abiding citizen and tax payer,and elderly woman I also hope by the blame game,no time to even dispute a ludicrious bill caused not by my mother in law but a company that took money back from Dirtect T.V> so they just decided to send a bill from them,and blame verizon for taking her money back and shutting of the poor signal they take from a *** sattelite that does't work properly and bill any way they decide and blame verizion for her service interupption,They are stealing and they are trying to make it a 3rd party billing issue to avoid laws and guidelines on billing to hit middle America once again in a billing scheme,I feel America needs to be aware of a ponzi scheme being run by a big corporation,once again $$ to the top profit companies for offering air wave capitilism at the expense of a elderly woman,it is so un-American and I am sure that an investigation by F.C.C. will stop these illegal and fraudulent billing practices by a company that uses Ben Franklin in there ad on T.V.-then decides to take advantage of middle America once again by false statements and no contract signed by or witnessed by anybody,big business as usual Steal until you get caught re-organize top officals and put different people in charge and change thier name and hurt people for no apparant reason other than company profit margins,I can honestly say I do not want anymore people to have to watch a company take from the poor and once again get rich off customers not having enough knowledge or elderly who to them don't rate any place in the board room,I can assure I will and can become a voice for the people being lied to by a company such as Direct T.V.

Check your State laws on billing and termination of service and also 3rd party billing and discrimination against consumers who work hard for the god given right to have T.V. freedom not be lied too and manipulated again like the mortage crisis,greed and lies caused that problem,and also company fraud,and no witness contracts,I will proceed to find flawes in this bogus way of bussiness practices and will return to assist anybody with similiar bills to move this to federal court and proceed to make thier right to at least to examine a company that at this point has gotten away with fraud!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I" signed" up for the most amazing deal with Direct T.V. And as you can imagine I'm now stuck with *** service, having my bank account overdrawn,and promises of a greater tommarow!

HOG-WASH!!!!!! They did say I can lower to a different package that would come out to more than my quoted price on the greater package.

I felt this was a breech of our "contract" but I cant cancel this rip-off service without a $20 a month fee for the next 22 month. If you are planning to get direct tv......RUN!!!!!!!!!


Who knows how to file a class action law suit against direct tv rebate rip offs?I'm in. John


I HATE direct tv. Their billing is terrible, at this point I am ppaying the bill in full (after disconnect) every 20 day's, yet I always have a previous balance the next day.

After they disconnect and the bill is paid, it takes several hours before service is restored.

Six more months and I am out of my contract and will be going back to dish ASAP


They started lying to me before I was even a customer. Someone who said she was Simone in Ohio (wouldn't provide a last name or an employee number) took my call.

She quoted me one price early in the call, and then when I started to give my credit card info she revealed that the real price was higher than that which was quoted. I would probably have been fine with the higher price but if they will lie to you before you are a customer, I can't imagine how bad they will be once I am on the hook with a contract.


I signed up for Direct TV several months ago and have had nothing but trouble ever since. The installers had to come out three times to my house just to get it right.

I was told one receiver was free but I would pay for the other one. OK no problem then found out they charged both receivers to my credit card and refused to credit them back. I have called and e-mailed until I am blue and cannot get thru to them. I've heard every excuse in the book and have been "promised" a refund but it never occurs.

Apparently they decided they would "credit" my Direct TV for something I wasn't supposed to be charged for to begin with. Tried to cancel service but told by a very smug representative that I was looking at a $400 disconnection fee.

Since I'm already hung for $500 worth of receivers I certainly can't afford to pay that. This is the worst company I've ever been unfortunate enough to come into contact with.


I'm paying for a signal that I don't get half the time. When I called to cancel I was told there would be a $100.00 penalty for canceling before April so now I'm stuck paying for a signal that I don't get and yet have to pay for every month.

They seem to be the ones not in keeping with the agreement.

They are ripping customer's off and getting away with it. I would not be canceling if I was getting the signal that I'm paying for in the first place.I think it would make better business sense to let unhappy customers go when they do this to unhappy customers they tell everyone they know how unhappy they are with directv If you just let unhappy customers go they don't really talk about it because they just move own.But when the customer feels stuck and ripped off they tell everyone.I will be telling all my friends on facebook.


Well i was another person who signed up online and was scammed by Direct Tv on 11/10/09. They had 3 choice pkgs to choose from only thats it, i chose the first pkg with 150 channels for 29.99 a month and $5.00 additional receiver, i print out their online ad and they also promise to deliver a $100.00 visa gift card if you elect auto pay, which as a dummy i did.

The installer comes the next day and set ups my service, however it isnt what i ordered. I called Direct Tv and they fixed the problem for 24 hrs, now they call and said they will have to take away 100 channels because i signed up for the "Family pkg" PLEASE, there were only 3 options and they were all Choice pkgs, so i get a phone call from a so called supervisor who said her name was Brenda and she told me in a threatening tone their is nothing i can do about it. I said i signed up online go ahead and look at your own webswite and she said she doesnt have that function available to her, already know she is lying about that. She said i was ineligible for the rebates and gift card because i chose the family pkg, we went round and round and she said she couldnt change a thing or help me.

I told her she was very unethical, got me no where. Now i am paying 39.99 a month for only 50 channels, oh and if i cancel early because i felt scammed, im looking at around $480.00 or so in fees. After the conversation was coming to a close i asked for her Name again and she said "LILA" not Brenda and i said i thought you said its Brenda she said i must have misunderstood her, since they both sound alike, another lie. She gave me her employee number which im sure is another lie.

These people are ruthless and you get absolutely nowhere on the phone, its actually a tactic of theirs to make you wait and wait and than get disconnected and start all over again for hours. They figue you'll get discouraged. Please file a Complain AT YOUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE ONLINE AND THE BBB. YOU MUST START SOMEWHERE.