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Called From one of their online promotions and the representative explained the package deals, He suggested the 45 MBPS internet Uverse connection bundled with the Direct TV for 68.49 per month, then after we agreed on the price, he explained to me that AT&T were still different companies so there would be a need for two individual bills due to different billing cycles as well, companies etc first scam they do this so they lock you into the DIRECT TV Promotion and do not have to honor the AT&T 45 MBPS promotion, which they cancel on their own with out any notice. if you are like me you would have received a detailed bill from DIRECT TV that even has the estimated first bill, then At&t Uverse confirmation email is only a broad email welcoming you to the AT&T family. THE WAY IT WORKS What they do next is have someone from India either call you from 800-288-2020, 888-573-4107 or they direct you to call 800-610-7823. Next they cancel you order with out explanation and you are directed to call the numbers above, the number 800-610-7823 is referred to as their "resolution center" , they explain to you that the UVERSE order was never processed and the my new bill the AT&T portion that was 22.99, Direct TV was 32.99 total with all savings and discounts came to 54.99, will now go up to 90 some dollars.

In total they canceled both my orders, and want to now charge 90 plus dollars and then when you eventually reach a US / Domestic rep they tell the speed is for gamers you dont need it you need 24 MBPS, which is still more expansive, plain and short this is a SCAM.

Contacting the FCC and BBB tomorrow to file a complaint and lets see if how many complaints there are maybe we can file a class action against these guys.

HERE ARE MY ORDER NUMBERS Thank you for your recent order.

Your AT&T order number is: rp3962651-1

Unfortunately, based on the information you provided, we are unable to process your request for Internet Power and it has been cancelled.

If you would like to re-establish your order please call 888-573-4107, Press Option# 1 to speak to a representative to place an order.


Thank you for your recent order.

Your AT&T order number is: rp3944468-1

Your request for AT&T Internet Power has been received. It will be processed within 24 hours. You will then receive another email with an updated status of your order.

Reason of review: FRAUD.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Directv Pros: Direct tv service was great.

Directv Cons: In my opinion their promotions are bogus, There promotions and off shore customer service.

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Happened to us too. Thank you for posting.

Someone in AT&T is trying to steal people's identity by asking them name and birth and social. Called us in Florida from Pennsylvania.


This is the exact same thing that is happening to me. I have been on the phone with AT&T for over 3 hours.

What was the resolution? Please help, very frustrating.


This is completely accurate and they are still running this scam! Not at&t!

AT&T claims to know nothing about this deal. Shut this down!


This was a scam. Not AT&T.


This happened to me as well. Don't go with DirecTV unless you want a headache