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We were moving into a new home and called Direct TV to have service at the new location. The installation was scheduled almost immediately and we had a installer out to the new home the next day.

The Direct TV rep informed us that we must remove some enormous branches from a 60 foot tree in front of our home. We spent an hour walking around the property making sure there were no other options since we really didn't want to have to cut large branches off this beautiful old tree which also provided shade, and lower AC bills, for our home. The rep assured us there was no other way and they must be cut if we wanted Direct TV service at this residence, he also kept telling us he had a "friend" who would do it cheap. We refused the offer of his "friend" and used someone else to cut the branches off the tree a few days later, it was dangerous, expensive work.

After the branches were cut we called Direct TV and let them know and asked to schedule another installation since now the obstacles had been removed from the property and the dish could be installed. They promptly sent out another rep the next day. The rep that arrived was different from the first one sent. My husband takes him on the property and shows where the branches have been removed, clearing the path for the signal.

The new installer asks why we cut those branches, because the signal path is (and he points in a direction almost 60 degrees the other way). The first installer had lied to us, there was NO reason to cut these branches he was only trying to drum up fraudulent business for "his friend who cuts trees" to get a cut of the money from Direct TV subscribers who were lied to and told they needed to cut away trees or branches in order to get service. Needless to say my husband is furious at this deception. He asks the rep to give him the name of the previous installer, the man suddenly acts very strange and won't say anything but he does get his manager on the phone.

The manager is very rude and claims we cut down branches of our own accord! My husband corrects him and says we were told we could not have Direct TV service unless we removed the branches and the manager goes silent. My husband then says I want your name, the previous installers name, etc.. He hands the phone back to the installer to get a piece of paper out of the kitchen, as he turns his back the installer *** running, hops in his van and ***!!

It was beyond bizarre. We are jaw dropped at the behavior of these Direct TV personnel. We call the Direct TV national service number - and even the CS reps are shocked and keep "escalating us" up the chain. We finally speak to some higher level rep who is able to pull up the notes from the service call that day and tells us the rep reported we "canceled service request at door." Obviously, this was a total lie.

The installer was at our home for 25 minutes as we tried to get to the bottom of the lies and fraud that had been committed thus far. We never canceled the service call, we wanted to have it installed but we also wanted an explanation for why we had been lied to and spent nearly a thousand dollars on unnecessary tree butchering. Instead we were lied to, given the run around and then had the installer flee our home when asks to take down names, like some sort of thief in the night. After over an hour on the phone the helpful CS reps (their call center people at least are very nice and helpful) tells us a higher level manager will be calling us back.

We get a call about half an hour later and this lady doesn't seem to have a clue as to what is happened and just quickly tries to reschedule us for a third installation attempt! At this point I want to know what kind of shady people Direct TV is using to do installations and do I even want them on my property. After explaining what had happened AGAIN, I guess the lady didn't read any notes before calling, she tells us the first installer was a "contractor" but the second installer was actually a Direct TV employees (the one who lied and said we canceled service and then ran off when asked for his name). She then says she will have the regional manager of this area call us to resolve the situation.

We point out we had talked to one manager who was merely rude and nasty, she says we will be speaking to that man's boss, not him. This whole mess occurred on Monday, I sit here a week later and I have not received on phone call from Direct TV and still have no service - but I've received several direct junk mail pieces from them asking me to upgrade to premium service packages!! We have been Direct TV customers since 1999, but at this point we are ready to cancel our service and go with either Dish TV or the local cable provider rather than have to deal with a company so dishonest and shady. They certainly have their CS reps talk a good game, but that's all we've gotten - soothing words.

There has been NO action or any attempt to rectify what has occurred, they can't even be bothered to call us back after their installers lied to us and cost us thousands of dollars unnecessarily to line their own pockets.

(I just saw we can upload photos to this site, I'll be adding photos of the butchered tree and giant branches we had to cut down due to their dishonest installer.)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $924.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Directv Cons: Deceptive practices, Installation fraud, Lies, Lack of customer service.

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I know how you feel they came to install at our home and the tech. told my sis he could mirror tvs from living room to bedroom instead of buying another box for $100 she gave him 25 doesn't work called direct tv they won't do anything they don't care might be cancelling service.


Some of these people need to read a book. To much *** on TV makes them all crazy.

Like butchering a tree lmao!! Going all crazy blaming other people because they are gullible. Have you ever heard of calling and asking for a 2nd opinion if the first tech tells you something you are not sure about double check. If I put a contract in front of you and promise you a free car are you just going to sign it without reading it.

Think... it might save you money....THE MORE YOU KNOW


Wow! You wanted satellite so bad you butchered a tree .. Lmao!


Well your 1/2 right I work for a major satellite company with 25+ million subscribers and here's a hunt its not dish network. So you have a recording of this, well then send it to with a link to this site also upload it here let's see this "proof" either way I'll be able to see it


There actually was a total of four technicians who came out. All four provided different information.

Finally when the manager came out, the matter was resolved, but not before it as revealed there was an unusual history of the firs technician doing this to other customers.

2nd opinon? We got 4, and 4 different answers from the same company. And yes, we decided to record the last two technicians for the pure amusement value.

Either way the complaint stands as it is entirely valid.

While the TV now works, the complaint still stands due to the costs involved to get from point A to point B.

The real moral of the story is that Directv hires the technicians with the lowest IQs for the lowest price, and it surely shows. Not that I mind anyone having a low IQ, but when you have equipment custom made for the job that tells you exactly where to point it and establish the correct position for the dish, then there really is no other explanation.


I don't see an issue here your service is working. You should of called back and asked for a 2nd opinion before putting out the money, this is on you and I would not give you a name either an I'd number at most but probably not even that.

This was your tree your property and your money this is YOUR issue so you screwed the pooch and now live with it. Thank you for choosing DirecTV


Wow you sound just like the rude manager we talked to at Direct TV, big surprise. I guess you get a corporate script on this issue it's so common.

Do you get a cut from your local tree service buddy too? We were told if we did not remove the tree branches we could not have direct TV service, period. The installer pointed out to use exactly which branches needed to be removed to get service - which was a total lie and incorrect. Who am I supposed to trust if not a Direct TV installer about service on my property??

Don't thank me for choosing Direct TV because I will be canceling the service and filing a complaint with my state attorney general. My father is an attorney and will be handling this matter for me.


Go ahead and cancel, you signed an agreement so 480 early cancel fee, tell daddy let him know you removed branches to get service now you have service and are unhappy with the money YOU spent. next file a complaint with the BBB and the FCC both will tell you the same thing. It's your word vs the tech no paperwork like daddy will tell preponderance of evidence and I suspect you have none


Yes, well we actually do have evidence of what the first and second tech said recorded, gotta love this crazy iPhone technology huh? But thanks for playing.

I have to think you work for Dish TV because no one could be this ***, but maybe I'm wrong.

Direct TV called four times since I've been out so it leads me to believe you have to post as anonymous for a very good reason. I hope you get paid for being such a bad troll.


Do you mind going away? I do not know who you are, but judging from the tone you take it is highly unlikely you are DirecTV staff, not unless rudeness is part of staff training.

We're not canceling the service. But we sure are sharing our experience with others and I would imagine that is of a greater cost to the company than what they are willing to do to resolve our complaint to satisfaction.

Now if you have nothing to add that is of value, perhaps you should go back to do some training rather than run around on the internet trying to protect your image.

You know, actually learn more so you don't make silly mistakes rather than trying to hide them.

Your comments are those of quite an average company, one that does not value feedback and has some steps to make before being called a proper company.

Of course if you really are DirecTV and are so outstanding, you wouldn't mind providing your name and office location.