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My bill went from $ 107.81 to $152.81. I work 2 full time jobs and I Volunteer every Saturday, so I do not have a lot of time to watch tv.

I called to see if there were any better packages or to cancel if there were not. I have been a customer for well over 10 years. I was told by customer service, that there were not any better deals. I canceled my service.

After talking with a co-worker who was getting way more channels for cheaper, I went online and found that I had been paying a lot more and rec'ing less channels. My Direct tv service was already disconnected. The lady who answered agreed with me when I told her why I had canceled my service. She then stated she would be happy to help me get my service restarted and make sure I was paying less then before and get a great package.

She took her time doing whatever it is she was doing, and came back on the line several times to ask questions. One being, if I would consider doing auto billing to get $ 5.00 off, and if so she could get me the Ultimate package for a total bill including taxes for $ 78.00 a month. I asked her and re asked her if that was the total bill with taxes, and she kept promising me that it was $ 78.00. Well, it was $ 78 for 1 month, and then I got a bill for over $ 108.

Which was even Higher then what I was paying before I canceled! I called and talked with "Eric". He tried to tell me there were no notes as to who I talked with, also that I was being charged $ 53.99 for HBO, Starz etc and that was why my bill was so high. I told him I was told I was receiving 3 months free ( and we were still within 3 months), and if that was why my bill was so high, to cancel it!

I stated several times, "So my current bill $ 108.31 will be $ 53.99 less once you cancel those channels?" He said yes! He kept telling me to "TRUST HIM". I have not received an actual account activity bill since 09/17/2016-10/16/216. I never said or ok'd to have them stop sending me bills, so that was another issue I had.

It is now November. Again, he kept telling me, Trust me! Yea, right.... Then he told me my new bill would be $ 104.97.

I asked how $ 108.31 - 53.99 equaled $ 104.97? He could not tell me. I reminded him the phone calls are recorded and there is a call with this lady telling me my bill each month would be with taxes, a total of $78.00. SO after listening to him try to sell me phone service, I asked to be transferred.

I was transferred to "Travis". I talked with Travis. He stated that I was lied to. It happens.

He could see from the notes and the billing, that what I was saying was true and that it appears that I was taken advantage of. Between the two of us, we went through the charges. He stated it looked like she had given a credit of $ 35.00 for my receivers so it would look like my bill would be $ 78.00 a month. However, it was only for 1 month.I listened to him for several minutes, only to find out there was nothing he was going to do except tell me the lady who had originally told me what I would be paying would get reprimanded, but I was stuck with the bill.

After several minutes of him telling me that there was nothing he was going to do, including some explanation of watermelons one price and then several days later they are cheaper... I asked to just disconnect my service period. He said ok, and then told me I have a $180.00 early disconnect fee! I asked him for what?

He told me for canceling the contract I agreed to. I told him the contract I agreed to was for $ 78.00 a month! He told me it was unfortunate, but I am now stuck. I asked for someone higher up at Direct TV to call me and explain why their employee can lie and I am now stuck!

He state he would submit for a call, but that I would again be told the same thing he had just told me. He stated he would go ahead and disconnect me. I asked when my bill was paid through, after several minutes of "ummming" the line went dead. I tried calling back, and all I received was "We re doing routine maintenance, you will need to call back"....

What the heck????? I was just able to go online, and now I have a $50.39 credit?and proof I have not signed up for paperless billing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $364.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Directv Cons: Your customer service is bordering on and including fraudulent.

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