On August 4th, I checked our bank account to find that almost $800.00 was gone. Directv took money out of MY bank account for my father in laws account.

(We had used our debit card ONE TIME to pay Directv 56.00 for my mother in law after my father in law passed away.) They told me that day that I would get a refund within 10 business days for the full amount taken out since this isn't even my account. Now, a month later, we have received $203. and that is all we are getting back. They are rude, hateful, lying, thieves.

They said since our card was "on file" they are allowed to drain my bank account for whatever my father in law owed. They took EVERY last penny out of MY bank! Their customer service is one of the worst I have ever encountered! I will NEVER have Directv and I want everybody I come in contact with to know how they have done.

If you have ever paid anything to them using your debit card, they can just take out whatever they want! Cancel your card and get a new one!

I will never get the rest of my money back but if this keeps even one person from getting an account with them then that's great!

Do your homework. They are a horrible company and have an even worse reputation!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I have a problam with them I want to cancel they didn't cancel my account with them after I made several calls they charge$ 300 some dollars to cancel I refuse to pay they put me collection


direct tv is a ligal thieves !!!! Now look what happening to liars :)) they are in trouble yes:))) I'm so happy finally !!


You people will learn in the end,Not to use your credit card for someone elses bill payment.You are opening yourself up for a big let down.I have had directv for a very long time and Guess what i have never had not one problem with directv.I refuse to pay someone elses bil with my credit card.If your mother-in-law could not afford directv she should have closed the account point blank.How about asking your mother-in-law for the money back.


Discuss this with your bank


I am sorry that happened. Directv should have no problem refunding the full amt charged for closing costs as long as your card didnt have an established history for payments on the acct. That is why I urge that whenever someone wants to make a payment on theirs or someone elses account, if they dont want their card on file anyway, to use a pre paid debit card that you can get for cheap at any Wal Mart or Walgreens or pretty much anywhere.

A lot safer way as that pre paid card will be the one on file.

If you truly only used that card once on your father in laws account dispute that charge with your bank. Directv has no right to hold a credit card responsible for an account if the name on that card is different than the account holder. But it can if it has been used on a regular basis on the account.

Why isn't your bank helping you with this? If they will not, change banks and go with a locally based Credit Union. Far far better banks than the big national chains like Wells Fargo an Bank of America.


I'm sorry but last post was wrong, when your card was used you where told about the policy if you gave your card number for someone else to use you gave them permission to accept terms either way permission was given by you and accepted by allowing the payment someone was told either by the rep taking the payment, the computer voice system, or if online it was on the screen so whoever gave your money back was extremely generous personally I wouldn't of given any back lesson learned do not give your card info I hope that the street corner work helps make up the money


Stay classy Anonymous. Actually we are both correct but you are wrong in one regard.

Yes, they were told when making the payment of the credit card disclosure as every customer is at that time BUT if that card hasnt been used but more than once or twice, the refund dept will reverse the charges. They do it all the time.


So that does not make it right...It is still Fraud and taking advantage of the consumer. You can authorize me to use your credit card to no end.

That does not mean that I can not take advantage of your authorization and commit fraud on it. Like Direct TV did...Those people belong in Jail.