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I have discovered the during the last 90 days , Direct TV has charged over 8000.00 to my American Express card . I have disputed these charges with American Express and they are certainly handling this on their end, what is troubling and unacceptable is not only the fraudulent activity perpetrated by Direct TV , but their gross inability to address this situation with me despite 6 calls in addition to faxing copies of my credit card statement and an explanation is abhorrent.

There is no customer service. I was told that a " manager " would get back to me with in 30 minutes. That was 2 days ago. The charges stem from a Direct Tv employee charging 15 other subscriptions to my card.

This is unauthorized activity and therefore fraudulent behavior. I will be exhausting all measures to insure that all monies are repaid . Will anyone from DirectvTV at least apologize and recognize that there is a significant problem? So far , I have heard nothing .

Bad Company - Bad service . You have lost my trust .

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $8119.

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I too had American Express and DirectTV. Before I cancelled DTV I called and American Express 3 times and each time I was assured they would not accept charges from DTV and a note was placed on my account to prevent this.

5 days later there was an $895 charge from DTV. American Express changed their story and said they had no control over who put charges on my account. I filed a complaint with the BBB for both DirectTV and American Express.BBB answered the charge against American Express and sent me the letter from American Express.You could definitely tell American Express was not on my side.

American Express did return my money and I closed the account but they told me I could still be charged if DirectTV wanted to charge me. American Express was sending out advertisements for DirectTV with their bill to me and this is why I figured they were working together so be careful because American Express will work in DTV's favor against you.


I really wanted to copy and paste this to their Facebook page, but then it would be posted in my name. You should really post it, might actually result in a response. Good Luck