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Direct tv ran my credit mind you I was never aware of it, it just so happens that I was checking my my credit reports last weekend and that's how I caught it. it's showing up as a hard inquiry therefore it lowered my score.

I'm really pissed of because I have never called them to get service nor to even inquire. this is completely wrong and when I called a couple days to dispute it I was given the ran around I spoke to at least 5 different people telling they would transfer me or that I had to call a different number but in the end I got nowhere. the last person I spoke to and by then I was already so dissapointed she told me that I had to go online and submit a form so that they would remove the inquiry and she rudely hang up the phone. I just tried doing that form which I feel not safe doing it because they ask for more personal information that they didn't seem to have in the first place when they ran my credit so now I feel like they can do more damage with having my personal info.

this is a problem they created and now I'm stuck with the problem its taking all this time and energy trying to correct it and I have to do it all. Now I think they did this on purpose it just so happens that AT&T bought Direct tv and I've been with ATT Uverse for the last 7 years.

I think Directtv did this and without my authorization or consent. in fact behind my back because I had never in my life have called them

Reason of review: fraudulent credit inquiry.

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This happened to me to.


they did the same thing to me ,someone open an account on my name,and now is hard to fix it,and the costumer service was very rude.


This is the fourth hard credit inquiry in three months from directv. I’ve called to dispute this and they said they cannot open an account without a ss number.

Well I guess they have it because it shows up on my equifax credit report. I’ve complained but I was told to file a fraud form


My husband just had the same thing happen to him! Equifax "looked into it" and the very next day said it was a justified credit check! How can it be justified if we NEVER authorized it?!


The same thing happened to us, but Directv began sending bills for equipment and services we were not receiving at our residence. They did the credit check first, then started sending bills.

I called the fraud department, and though it took many times and several numbers, I finally got through to the fraud department and the issue was resolved. I asked where the satellite was installed and where the written consent was that would have to be signed for it to be installed at another address. They were unable to give me any of that information. A few days later, we received an empty box with a return label for returning equipment (that we did not have, of course).

I called the fraud department again and it too was resolved and they cannot charge for the equipment. Unfortunately, I do not find evidence that someone has stolen our identity; it appears to be an "inside job" and that Directv is the culprit. I do want to add that if there is concern that someone has used your identity to receive products/services and you've noticed unauthorized credit checks, contact your bank immediately.

They can prevent any monies being removed from your account. The identity theft department will walk you through all the necessary steps and provide a representative to get this resolved, as well as how to contact the credit report companies to report possible identity theft.


Same thing happened to me. I called AT&T to start new services and gave them auth to pull my credit.

I have never contacted Directv and never gave them authorization to pull my credit. My credit report shows both pulled my credit during the same time period.


Same thing has happened to me in 2014 and now again 2018. Not only did they run it but they did it twice in the same week.


Estoy checando mi crédito y aprende una cuenta con directtv. No es mía me aparece en colección....nose que aser necesito me borren de mi historial un fraude...gracias


To preface, I am NOT a customer of DirecTV, and I never have been. I do however, have cellular phone service with AT&T.

I have NOT contacted AT&T recently to inquire about TV packages. I never have and I probably never will... because it's the year 20FREAKING18 and Netflix and Hulu give me all the entertainment I need at prices big internet and TV companies can't compete with. Not to mention, said internet and TV companies are slimy and will legitimately scam you & then claim innocence when you notice.

Just yesterday (August 2nd, 2018), I had a DirecTV salesman come to my door. He asked for me by last name, so I'm guessing he got my information from AT&T, since I am a customer of theirs. I told him I was busy, and I did not have the time nor wanted to discuss their services. He walked away and I closed the door.

This was the COMPLETE extent of our interaction together, the whole encounter lasted maybe 10 seconds. So why is it that the very next day, I am notified by CreditKarma that DirecTV has ran a *hard* credit inquiry on my Equifax?... In fact, DirecTV ran the credit check yesterday - on the same exact day I turned that salesman away. This is ILLEGAL.

A disgusting violation of my privacy. I called AT&T like many of the other commenters here, got passed around from department to department, and was eventually referred to DirecTV's "Credit Bureau Inquiry Department". I was then asked for personal information such as full name, address, phone number, email... I stopped the person on the phone when asked for my address because I obviously do not feel comfortable giving this company my sensitive, personal information when they are clearly going to do whatever they please with it.

She then referred me to a website ( which I don't even think exists?! I've searched for this website where I can supposedly file my own inquiry with DirecTV so I don't have to give a random person on the phone my information... and it's nowhere to be found. So where does this leave me?

Well since I can't get anywhere with DirecTV without giving out my sensitive information & even then, no guarantee that it'll be corrected- I have to dispute this with Equifax. This mess with DirecTV has taken up my time and energy, and frankly has me livid. I'm not even a customer of this company! It's outrageous!

Something needs to be done. With the amount of *recent* internet posts I see from people who aren't even customers of DirecTV....

I smell a class action lawsuit. I hope they get what's coming to them.


I just got off the phone for 30 minutes getting the run around because direct tv has ran my credit without my permission. They finally sent me to their “fraud/credit department” which then was an automated message saying to go to a website that doesn’t even exist.


I’ve had the same basic issue as everyone else. They did a Hard Credit Check on Equifax, which looks to be the same company they did the Hard Hit on for almost everyone on this list.Only way I could get ahold of Direct TV was via a Chat room.

Spent 30 minutes typing back and forth with the 1st agent who couldn’t do hardly anything and transferred me to a Chat Specialist. Another 20 minutes wastedThen after another 30 minute chat, she advised me that she has to send all my chats to the Fraud and Collections Department. For this one she at least gave me a phone number to call. In case anyone wants the number it is 800-860-8542.

Also gave me a 20 digit confirmation number to use. Waited 5 days and never heard anything. I finally called the number above. If you do use it be careful what number you hit.

Did the bypass thing to finally talk to a person.A real agent wasn’t much better. She wanted my full address, phone number and SSN. Gave her the first two and then told her my wife of 25 years doesn’t even have my SSN. Said she would transfer all information to the Escalation Department.

She then called them to go over everything briefly. Then advised me that the team will process it to remove my information from their computer and also contact Equifax to remove Hard credit check, otherwise it would stay on my credit report for 2 years. Her final comment was that the Escalation would take about 45 days. Grrr.At the end I asked her to have that department to send me any information they find on the credit report.

Such as full name, address and anything else that they may have stolen from me. Told them I need the information so I can call the police and have them arrested for Fraud and also see if I know them.Good Luck to everyone.


I had the same thing happen to me today. They feigned innocence when I inquired why this had happened. Luckily, LifeLock caught it and will dispute it for me.


Direct Tv did the same to me. They ran my credit without my say so or permission.

Now my credit score dropped due to this. I am worried that someone else has opened an account in my name.

The inquiry was made on May 2, 2018, and I'm just finding out a month and a half later. SMH


this is *** direct tv did the same thing to me as other people on this post, I never inquired or called them and they did a hard credit inquiry and it is on my Equifax report that is lowering my score, what do you do?


The same thing happened to me as well. But I got an email telling me that they ran my credit report.

When I called i spoke to a couple of different people and the last customer service agent called a number and put me on 3 way to hear the website that i needed to go on to file a complaint!

I asked for a number because i did not want to enter my personal information on that website either. I think i will just file my credit dispute with equifax like it suggests on the email.


Sir/Ma'am, I am requesting an inquiry that I did not make be removed from my credit report. My name is Morris C.


I hope you can take care of this matter ASAP. It has affected my credit score.PLEASE


my account has been satisfied. why is it still on my credit report with Experian?


I don't have att nor do I have direct TV. I want this remove immediately


I will be reporting Direct TV for running an unauthorized hard pull on my credit


Long time AT&T customer also angry for Direct TV hard inquiry lowering credit score and was not authorized!!!!