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Direct tv ran my credit mind you I was never aware of it, it just so happens that I was checking my my credit reports last weekend and that's how I caught it. it's showing up as a hard inquiry therefore it lowered my score.

I'm really pissed of because I have never called them to get service nor to even inquire. this is completely wrong and when I called a couple days to dispute it I was given the ran around I spoke to at least 5 different people telling they would transfer me or that I had to call a different number but in the end I got nowhere. the last person I spoke to and by then I was already so dissapointed she told me that I had to go online and submit a form so that they would remove the inquiry and she rudely hang up the phone. I just tried doing that form which I feel not safe doing it because they ask for more personal information that they didn't seem to have in the first place when they ran my credit so now I feel like they can do more damage with having my personal info.

this is a problem they created and now I'm stuck with the problem its taking all this time and energy trying to correct it and I have to do it all. Now I think they did this on purpose it just so happens that AT&T bought Direct tv and I've been with ATT Uverse for the last 7 years.

I think Directtv did this and without my authorization or consent. in fact behind my back because I had never in my life have called them

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I had the same thing happen to me today. They feigned innocence when I inquired why this had happened. Luckily, LifeLock caught it and will dispute it for me.


Direct Tv did the same to me. They ran my credit without my say so or permission.

Now my credit score dropped due to this. I am worried that someone else has opened an account in my name.

The inquiry was made on May 2, 2018, and I'm just finding out a month and a half later. SMH


this is *** direct tv did the same thing to me as other people on this post, I never inquired or called them and they did a hard credit inquiry and it is on my Equifax report that is lowering my score, what do you do?


The same thing happened to me as well. But I got an email telling me that they ran my credit report.

When I called i spoke to a couple of different people and the last customer service agent called a number and put me on 3 way to hear the website that i needed to go on to file a complaint!

I asked for a number because i did not want to enter my personal information on that website either. I think i will just file my credit dispute with equifax like it suggests on the email.


Sir/Ma'am, I am requesting an inquiry that I did not make be removed from my credit report. My name is Morris C.


I hope you can take care of this matter ASAP. It has affected my credit score.PLEASE


my account has been satisfied. why is it still on my credit report with Experian?


I don't have att nor do I have direct TV. I want this remove immediately


I will be reporting Direct TV for running an unauthorized hard pull on my credit


Long time AT&T customer also angry for Direct TV hard inquiry lowering credit score and was not authorized!!!!


I found a hard inquiry on my credit from Direct Tv and i didnt authorize it at all. I have no need to have them do an inquiry and this needs to stop.

I got the run around when I called and was just told to fill out a form.


I found that Direct TV did a hard inquiry on my credit--I'm not even a customer! Come to find out, they can run your credit score by using your address!!!

My daughter, who is 16, was shopping at Walmart and the Direct TV representative flagged her over, and talked her into "checking to see if there are special rates in your area" and asked for her address. So, she gave it to him without knowing that it would effect my credit--I'm so upset. I mean, she' s not even 18.

I didn't know you could run a credit report without a social security number? But, when I called Direct TV, sure enough-they can!!!!


I had alert from my identity guard for credit inquiry from directTV.

I never had account & no interest open up the account, and there is no reason directTV need my credit report. I called & complained with representative but return was just call 866-444-0333 & file the form. This company is worst company & they have to stop wrong doing!!!!!!!!


They are the worst company in the market.att is getting a lot of complains for this.


Had the same issue. Never have been a direct TV customer, and after this, never will be.

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1351829

I think my case is worth I don't have Directv neither directv now, but they are charging me every month into my account!

And when you call to customers service, no one knows, they transfer to many departments! So tire of this I will give this case to a lawyer.

New York, New York, United States #1342403


I never requested Direct TV nor ATT and someone in their office accessed my credit report without my permission.

This is fraudulent! I called several times to complain and to try to resolve the HARD HIT on my credit report and was given the run around each time. Each representative was not helpful as they lied to me that I was going to speak to someone and it always ended up in a voicemail and referring me online to give personal information like your social security. It does not even ask for the last 4 digits of your social security.

For a big business, I am surprised how unprofessional this company is.

I wanted to speak to a manager and they would not transfer me.

I am so livid!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1327457


to Anonymous #1327792

Same thing happened to me...i have my credit monitored and inquiries are not important to anybody but the consumer. They stay on your credit for 9 years.

AT&T does this *** to anyone who leaves I think. They had the audacity to send me a check for a penny.

I'm not finished with them yet by a long shot. They need to be closed down.

Victorville, California, United States #1309106

I live at 16980 nistrd R201 an I cannot get direct tv because of the way my building faces but I was told that in 2016 I have direct tv not true I've had charter for the past 5 yrs pls correct ur records my name is Valerie Lee 760 403 0498

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1300201

im going through the same thing right now they are full of *** but i will get to the bottom of this

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