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Here are some executive email addresses and phone numbers if you need to escalate an unresolved problem with DirecTV:bruce.churchhill@directv.com, bbchurchhill@directv.com: EVPjohn.murphy@directv.com, jfmurphy@directv.com: SVP, Controller, CAOpatrick.doyle@directv.com, ptdoyle@directv.com: SVP, CFOHZBitew@directv.com: Heywot Bitew, Business Operation Analyst – 310-964-6508

eafilipiak@directv.com: Ellen Filipiak, Senior Vice President of Customer Relations

Dear Ellen,

You company has horrible business practices and I want out of a fraudulent contract that I NEVER signed up for.

I have had nothing but rude contact from their fraud department especially a girl named Pia at 800-860-8542. She will not allow me to speak to a qualified person. She is quite *** and rude and cannot handle a job in this department. I have had the displeasure of getting her three times I have called. I am still waiting to find out if the service was disconnected although i was told that doesn't mean I am out of the contract even though I NEVER signed up for it..I am posting this sentiment everywhere and everyday until I get justice.


I had my social and name used in AZ for a two year contract with Direct TV @ the tune of $55 a month.

I live in Chicago-she thinks Pia thinks she is a lawyer- she told me to go down to the Chicago Police station to make a complaint against the girl In AZ. Like the police here care what happens in AZ. She said that is the only way to get out of the contract even though I never signed up and it wasn't even my credit card that was connected to the bill.

So now my credit is going to be affected due to Direct TV's inept business practice of not requiring the person whose credit is being used to be present and to sign at time of installation.Or even to ask who ordered it and show id from that person.

They are trying to cram their service and accounts down throats at the expense of innocent victims' credit. I am going to try and call the AZ police to see if they will file a charge for me. But so far can't get a call back out of state.

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Optimistic regards,

Debi SimonBusiness Development Director Integra Realty Resources--Chicago Metro566 W. Lake Street, Suite 320Chicago, IL 60661Direct: 312- 346-3200 Cell: 714-495-6825

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Companies are getting too big and greedy for anyone's good. The only thing they seem to care about is the money.

Why wouldn't Directv send their representative to go and check that out?

They should have gotten ID before anything was done. PIA is a problem and needs to be fired.