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I hardly ever check my direct tv bill because they just automatically take their payment from my account. For whatever reason I decided to check the bill and noticed that we were getting charged $10 a month for our HD service that was supposed to be credited every month because when we signed up there was a HD FOR LIFE promotion going on.

I called DIrect TV a call and the first person I spoke to said that a representative was giving me $10 off a month for 12 months on top of my free HD and once the 12 months ended, the system took both discounts off instead of just one of them. He then had to transfer me to someone who could fix this in the system. The man I spoke to next told me something completely different. He said that in Oct I chaned my package and the package I chose didn't have the free HD FOR LIFE.

I was very confused and upset when I heard this because I remember ALL the tv packages wereFREE HD FOR LIFE ( at the time I purchased ) and I specifically asked when I lowered my package if this was going to effect my free HD and she said no. So which dumb reason is it Direct TV? I feel like I just keep being lied to and I'm tired of it. Since signing up, my bill just keeps getting higher and higher.

I know it's only $10 a month but it adds up especially if we were going to keep their service which I doubt now. And everyone I speak to lies so now I don't trust this service provider anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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Same thing here. If you like Directv programing you just have to bend over and take it up the rear


directv did the hd for life back in 2010...all of a sudden discount has stopped...billing didn't know why...ace department didn't know why....they escalated to another department....was told someone would contact me within 72 hours....i called after that long expired...was told i would get the credit put back on my account for the last two months billing cycles...a day or two later a directv rep calls me...apparently not knowing that someone else had already contacted me...told me that there was no such thing as "free hd for life" it was just free hd for 24 months, but they would put me back on for 12 months...still haven't received discount from September, did receive one month credit....directv, I enjoy the product, but they have lousy customer service, and you can't really trust anyone, because a different department will have a different story....


Getting Direct is a catch 22 situation.They have your bank account or credit card on file and if you cancel auto pay with them,they will raise your rates even more.By their having your bank/credit card info,they can charge your account any time they want and for as much as they want.I would get a prepaid cc for their files.If you cancel service with them before your contract is up there is a $20 fee for every month left on your account plus non-returned equipment fees which they usually place on your account as soon as you cancel service.Also any time you change equipment due to malfunction or whatever reason, your contract is extended for another 2 yrs!They do lie and if you do not have it in writing,it is just hearsay. I believe that all the cable companies charge for the use of their DVR and say they are giving you free HD service but DTV also charges the customer for the repair of their equipment.


What a joke. They cannot charge you whatever they want whenever they want.

They charge what you agreed to pay. Equipment malfunctions do not extend your contract either. Upgrades at a discount can extend it and they make that VERY clear when you call by having you say yes to a long canned statement they read to you including the fact that if you cancel or don't maintain a minimum level of programming there will be fees. That's nothing new as cell phone companies have had early cancel fees for decades.

You also have 14 days to return equipment which they provide boxes for.

I've been a DTV customer for 12 years.