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Have been a customer of DirecTv for more than 10 years. Have 4 receivers and premier protection plan.

DirecTv advised me that I had a "FREE" equipment upgrade that included installation of a GENIE and a mini GENIE. I agreed to the upgrade which I then found out obligated me to sign up for 2 more years of service. Didn't plan on changing service so I agreed. Technician came to do install.

After installation, sound bar connected to the TV with the mini GENIE no longer worked. Technician had Supervisor come to house to check. After checking, Supervisor advised me that he had to go to his truck to make a phone call. After sitting in his truck for a couple of minutes, he simply left without saying a word.

Called DirecTv and informed them of the situation. They agreed that they were responsible for rectifying the problem and offered to take $20.00 off of my bill each month for the next year due to the unprofessional conduct of the Technician and Supervisor. Now came the issue of fixing the problem with the Sound Bar! Believing the Technician damaged the sound bar or cable(s), they immediately transferred to the Premiere Protection Plan section.

I inquired as to why they were addressing the issue since I paid for this service and would pay $50.00 for each damage claim I submitted. They advised me that I could go this route or file a damage claim, in which case, it would be 5-7 days before someone contacted me. I decided to do some troubleshooting on my own. I disconnected the sound bar and connected it to another TV with a HD Receiver.

It worked fine. Called DirecTv again, asking that the mini GENIE be replaced with a HD Receiver. I was advised that they could do it but there would be a $49.00 charge for the service. I informed them that I would not pay the service charge since they left me with the problem and expected them to fix the problem.

They finally agreed. While talking with them on the phone, they advised me that the GENIE was wireless and operated off of my wireless internet and that the Technician should have connected the GENIE to my wireless network. I thought that was strange since the Technician never asked me for the password for my network. Sure enough, the Technician ran a telephone jack from the Ethernet port of the GENIE to a phone line of my house.

My home telephone immediately stopped working and hasn't worked since. I have digital home phone service and have since been required to plug my base unit directly into my cable modem vice a wall jack. I checked the network settings on the GENIE and it was not on my network. I connected it myself which was relatively simple, searched for the network and entered the password.

On 15 July 2014, the technician arrived to install the HD receiver. After installation, the sound bar works fine. Arrived home this evening, 18 July and get error code 755, no SWM detected. Called the technician's personal number, no answer.

Called his company (Barefoot Communications), no answer. Called DirecTv. After being on the phone with DirecTv for a minute or so, the technician called me back on my cell phone. I explained the problem to him and told him I had DirecTv on the other line but was hoping he would call me back since he lives locally.

The technician informed me that since I had already contacted DirecTv, that they could take care of me. I told him that DirecTv could not schedule a service call until 3 days from now. He informed me that since I had called DirecTv directly instead of waiting for him to take care of the problem, that "he was screwed" and would not deal with my problem. I informed the DirecTv representative as to what the technician said and although they didn't understand why he would say such a thing, they would not speak with the technician directly.

It appears that these technicians are actually employed by a 3d party company and all DirecTv can do is file a complaint with that company. Meanwhile, the customer suffers.

Although I will probably remain a DirecTv customer solely because they have exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday ticket, if I was a fan of our local NFL team, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd be returning all of their equipment tomorrow even though I'm sure they'd charge me $20.00 per month for every unused month of my newly acquired 2 year obligation. If you're not interested in the NFL Sunday Ticket, strongly recommend obtaining service through your local cable company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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don't listen the other other guy 775 happens all the time, because the customers screw with the system. they move the main genie HR54 that is powering the whole system and *** *** up, or the power inserter. the customers are retarded.

And sub contractors do 10 times better work than than the main contractors do.


A 775 is a rarity in the system. The reasoning I believe the out to home technician would not help was because a service call for another technician was already set up, and thus his pay may of been docked for that work order.

Direct does employee Third Party companies, but it is only to expand and make technicians more readily available so that long waits are not a thing (Given the season 3 days is actually pretty good compared). You can file complaints respectively by calling into Directv and asking for who did the install, Mastec, Direct Sat, Multiband, etc who may work with Barefoot Communications. Directv does issue time without service so keep in mind while it royally sucks to not be able to watch your television, you have peace of mind you would never be charged for said service.

To attempt to temporarily restore services till that time you can unplug your SWM power inserter, normally located on the main coax cable, for about 30-45 seconds.

It should be labelled as SWM ODU ONLY and will have two connections one power to SWM and signal to RID.

Best of luck to you.


As for your wireless network on the Genie, If that runs to your router, unplug it, the HR44 can be run wireless or if you have an HR34 you need to get a Cinema Connection Kit or Wireless Deca in order to operate it correctly or you may run into Whole Home issues.

Any further issues and feel free to call 1800-531-5000