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Direct Tv billed me automatically for an early cancellation fee. I canceled service because they refused to honor the price they quoted me at my order. I feel they broke the contract, not me.

It's actually common practice for them. Over 30,000 complaints at BBB. Too much to write here. Most of the complaints have to do with billing disputes. You can't sue them, it's in their customer agreement. But you can stop them. The secret is in their customer agreement. Don't just refuse to pay, they'll send you to collections and ruin your credit.

To see how I did it, go to


Good luck. Get them back. Beat them at their own game.

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I am dealing with this also. Direct tv want to charge me $320 for an early cancellation unless and want to transfer the servicer to someone else.

Really? This is gangster and they should be ashame of themselves. The representatives on the phone have no customer service training at all. I was transferred to three different departments and no knew why I was transferred to them.

Consumers have power and I truly believe we are not using ours to make Direct tv change their policies. It's time for change with Direct tv.


WoW How can they get away with it? They have already sent me to collections and they call everyday.

My bill was getting higher and higher every month. After 1 year Dish came by and now I pay half the amount for same service. They say I owe over $700. I sent the box.

I paid my last month.They got greedy.They broke the contract because they were charging me over $150 for my TV alone.

No HBO,Showtime just the basic channels.Now my credit is going to be ruined. How do I post a letter on my report?


There is a form you can fill out to dispute what DTV has turned in when you check your credit report.there should be one on every credit bureau site,if nt call the credit bureau and ask them. Good Luck


They still have my name as not paid, but they totally scammed us too now eventhough I sent the equipment back they still show on my credit report


Direct TV

Corporate Office

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

Sr. VP, Customer Care

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

Direct TV "hides" this address but I found it! Bombard Ms. Filipiak with your complaints! Maybe, just maybe, they will realize JUST HOW BAD their service is and make changes. They hire and train people to be TOTALLY INCOMPETENT and then tie to you exorbitant contracts when they fail to provide the type of service that is expected.

If the industries won't police themselves, we, as consumers, have an obligation to. Also, contact your local Consumer Protection Agency (listed on County Gov't websites) with your complaints. These "monopolies" are ILLEGAL and the Consumer has to stand up for their rights.


I am going to start the process now with this horrible company. I only had the service 5 days to realize it was not worth it and they just send me a bill for $458


Don't give up! I am fighting them too.Tell your family, friends ,neighbors.Word of mouth is their worst enemy!

The trick is to stay one step ahead of them.If you correspond with them do it by Email that way you have a record. If by chance they turn this over to the credit bureau you have the right to write a letter and post it on all your credit reports to contradict what they report.and if they haven't charged your bank or credit card yet it is only a matter of time till they do! Call your bank and credit cards and ask them to not accept charges from Direct TV.

If they won't do that cancel the card and get a new bank account.Its a lot of trouble but better than being charged hundreds and even thousands of dollars to your account. Wishing You The Best!


Thanks for the link. I am starting the process. I had all but given up on how to fight this.