I am getting Comcast installed and dropping Directv.I was a customer for six years.

I purchased a new flatscreen and wanted to get HD and an HD DVR. They wanted to charge me $297 for an HD DVR! I actually purchased a non-hd dvr from them two years ago for $99. I am glad to get rid of them.

They actually told me that if I was a new customer I could get this for free and get a lower price per month. They also told me that they knew I could definitely get a better price somewhere else in addition to saying that the HD DVR cost them $600 and they were losing money by selling it to me for $297. They may indeed train the phone reps for 2 weeks.

I just don't know what they are training them.

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This is to Niagara.

You CAN NOT remove channels from a lineup, what you see is what you get. They're all apart of a lineup that cannot be removed, if you don't like them then DON'T watch them, it's as simple as that. This is not some customizing to your preference services where you can choose which channels you want and pay for them, it doesn't work like that and I guarantee you don't want it like that either cuz instead of your bill being a max $120/month without additional services your bill would be SEVERAL hundred dollars a month.


God you people are such morons. I'll flat out tell you I "used" to work for NEW which is a subsidiary for DirecTV's customer service group. With that being said I no longer work for them cuz I grew tired of dealing with moronic idiots like you each day.

To the original complainant, yes that's correct, only brand new DirecTV customers get a choice of receivers and you COULD get an HD-DVR free with a 2 year contract, get HD for life (as long as you never miss a payment) and after activating your account you can also get showtime free for 3 months although they can't tell you that.

If you've been a loyal customer for 6 years and never missed a payment then you WOULD be eligible for a free HD-DVR and HD dish upgrade at NO COST to you. If you didn't have that option available to you then that means you either, (a) already received a free upgrade whether it be an HD-DVR or a SD-DVR or (b) you missed a months payment and were knocked out of the "Loyal Customers" tag group, which BOTH reasons are your fault and your fault alone.


Today,I called and cancelled Directv.They would not negotiate about getting rid of all kids channels(I don't have kids)instead I get TNT/Discovery they would budge so I dissed them.The reception sucks and they would fix it for free.

Now I am using my PC to watch movie,sports news etc.

and I have a very cool big brand new monitor.I have the last laugh plus save over $300/year!!!


I got DirecTV just 3 months back for VijayTV(had to take a base package too, since International Package are not Ala-Carte). Now they are dropping VijayTV and say that I cannot break the contract. Complaining to BBB, but not sure when/what it will do.


I joined DirecTV thru their international package promotion, i.e.buy this international promotion and you will get the english channels for this price.

Now, they decided to drop the international channel (Vijay TV) and I wanted to get out of the contract as the main reason I joined is because of Vijay TV channel. My "contract" only expires in July.

How do I get out now??Any thoughts??


Just so it's clear here- The 2 comments below trying to justify Directv's side are actually from direcTV PR people.they do this on all the forums and try to change the opinions so we look bad for complaining.

If you want the truth about DirecTV - just go to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website and look them up.You will be shocked!


yes, Directv does not sell boxes, they lease them to you.They even go as far as to tell you to go to Best buy and BUY the box (to intentionally mislead you) because you still don't own it.

Try to get a broken box fixed. They will only fix it if you get a renewed 24 month contract. this will happen with out you even knowing until you try to cancel. This company had over 36,000 complaints filed with the BBB against them and yet they manage to give the crooked politicians enough money to keep in business.

this company does not need to be fined by the government, they need to be simply put out of business. They cheated me when we got our package 18 months ago (counting the days) by giving me HBO free for 3 months. I tried to cancel it but they said I was a few days too late and that the only way I could cancel it (29.99 / mo) was to go with a different plan.

My $69.99 / mo service I signed up for is right now seriously $126.99 a month and has been ever since month 3. I have called 25 times to get this changed and no resolution.

I was promised they would do something several times- turns out they said that just to get me off the phone!

FK these Jerks.they need to be put out of business and put out now.


funny how ppl put good things about this company..hmmmm wonder if its directv employees lol


If the "Free" upgrade DVR requires another 2 year contract is one not paying for this "Free" upgrade??there is a lease fee per month per box and Direct can raise rates anytime they see fit.If the service is terminated the "Free"upgraded DVR must be returned to Direct in 7 days or the customer is charged for this "Free" upgraded DVR.

Direct will sometimes send out the FexEx boxes and sometimes not but regardless if the "Free"DVR and other boxes are not returned within whatever length of time Direct deems to be just(this often is the same day as the service ended) the customer's credit card is charged for this "Free" upgraded DVR and the other boxes as well as early termination fees or whatever charges they can get away with.This is an entirely Win,Win situation for DirectTV and a Lose.Lose situation for the customer.


seymor is exactly right misty that is exactly why either they didnt pay their bill because any customers over 4 hearts which mean they pay their bill on time every month get free upgrade every year with a new 2 year contract why should they give u a 600 dollar peice of equipment for free when people like you would turn around and just sell it for money the company would lose millions of dollars a year.

And if you dont read the agreement then do not get things like cell phones and tv service!!!

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