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I know several people including my husband that recently got a job with directs subcontractors and believe me they need a break. They work over 14 hours a day, 6 days a week and for 30 days aren't paid.

They get equipment that is ***, that's why it takes them forever at a job. The boss's they have are complete ***'s to them and you people that want the service let them put the dish where they get the signal, not where YOU want it.

This isn't freakin burger king. Remember where u want the dish and u get *** signals..its ur fault, not theirs..

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I am forming a union for all subcontractors please call me at


Vice President

IBEW 914-948-3771



This isn't freakin burger king............ ?i wish it was.

at least they try to do it right.and the customer has to live with the *** the idiots do. i pay over 140 $ a month direct tv.

i want it done right.i get it , they work hard. but some dont work that hard.


I'm a direct tv tech I'm not a sub and we get charged back to but if you do the job right you want get charged back and for dish network I replace at least 2 customer a day from tall to us our pic is way better and our system u all put 50 million splitters in your system and don't say we do cut ours want work with them and you don't have to work 12 hour days if you work and don't be lazy and the customer does come first to an extent


Dude. You make all satellite techs look like idiots.

Learn to read, speak and communicate effectively in English.

This will resolve a majority of your issues.


***, we're the customers.. and some of us have Home Owners Aso.

to worry about, like guide lines on WHERE we CAN have the dish. Also, we're the customers.. so do it how WE WANT IT. Direct TV uses Sub-Contractors, which is bs anyway, I want Corporate to come out here and install so I don't have to deal with people like your husband.

I had one sub-contractor tell me to buy a ladder so he could install the dish..

I sent him packing... *** and your husband lady.


Then do YOUR homework before it's installed dumazz. ...

It's not the installers job to know what's ok with association.




Has anyone herd of watch n see installation herd about them on Craigslist an thought about working for them but I can't find anything out about the company or if it's even real


Its ***! My husband leaves first thing in the morning and doesn't get home untilled our kids are in bed, he works everyday but Sunday.

My kids see him on Sundays. That's it. He dont get paid ***! He was promised 3500 every two weeks, he doesn't even get half that, he left his job to install direct TV and he's working more and making less now.

I'm pissed, this Travis guy lied threw his teeth. My husband was told he would be doing work in the town we live in plus a 20 mile radioisotopes. He's driving all over *** and back.

This is straight ***. Very disappointed


Cry cry...i work as a phone tech an make less rhan 1000 a month ...i would be happy with his pay....but i chose my job and so did he...if you do not like it leave


Several months ago I was promissed free service as a marketing strategy. I am the property manager at a relatively large complex.

The contractor promised that if I allowed him to solicit in my community they would offer my service for free. It has been about 5 months and I have not heard anything back from them yet. Almost everyone here has contacted me regarding making the switch and I am not recommending anyone to Direct TV as they do not make good on their promises. I think I will stick with Frontier as they have never done me wrong.

If you would like to me now about something so trivial I could only imagine what would be to come in the near future. People should learn to do what they say they will


I started with DirecTV after responding to a internet ad on craigs list . They were looking for people to sub-contract in my area.

well , I had my own buisness prior to joining and only joined because of the "good income " potential that was preached at an interview conducted in a parking lot at a Wal-Mart in my area ! Yea , I know " You went to a interview at a Wal- Mart ? " ....I did indeed ! was pretty desperate do to this effin job crisis our country is having .

well , I trained for a month out of my own van and was compensated 500.00 and could have taught myself more than the trainer . baught my own tools , meter , wire strippers, drills , ladders , on and so on. spent nearly 3000.00 to get started . I pay my own fuel , materials , tools ...ect and work 60 to 70hrs a week .

I have got mostley upgrades since starting wich dont pay usually more than 40 - 50.00 per stop and are typicly more involved than a new install being 90% of the time your taking down an old system and replacing it w/ a new one ! WTF ? that doesn't make sence! less pay = more work !

my supervisor is allways asking me why i took so long on the estimated 90min upgrade that called for a 1box swap replace and say's "I'm getting calls from corp. saying your not getting to your stops ontime and that your work stinks " !! well , they expect me to go out and replace wire that I pay for and connectors that I pay for and spend 5hrs on a 40.00 job fixing someone elses F - up and tells me my work quallity sucks and that its the last installer on every upgrade that is responsible for fixing whatever mistakes the previouse installer made and that corprate is taking pics of 3 installs i do a week and judging my work when it was the guy before me that screwed the job up ! so , when i do a box swap and they go look at the job and even though I didn't install the dish and wire the job , they consider that jobs quality as a reflection of my work !

so , unfair to be in this buisness and put all your time and money and tear your truck up to do it and then get *** on over a previouse persons work ! WTF , is wrong w DirecTV ? what a *** company to do work for ! they rip anyone and everyone to keep all they can for them selves and set the subs up for failer everyday !

BAD BAD buisness !! Ed

@Ed in Eastern *** , Maryland

That is about the most accurate description involving DirecTV. If I could screenshot my pay stubs 120-185 hours every two weeks would be about right for the work load.

In return WE get nothing but attitude and displeased supervisors claiming exactly what you just said. I would suggest working with a Sub-Contracting company that supplies the van like Mastec or CDIS.


i work for directsat , for 6 months , was no fun , i like when customers are happy when you leave , but some are not ,. i had a reg.

dish + 4 recievers , then information was in my handheld computer , well i was almost done , the customer inform me she ordered a hd dish , i told her we need to contact them , after she call they told me to put in a hd dish + 1 hd reciever + plus the three. i didn't have the right equipment for job , they told me to put in a swim system , the job was done but there were still problems , they weren't getting the programs they ordered ,they were angry, that was my last install , no support , to make a new customer happy make sure we know what is being installed , little things make the job


back charged: This is illegal period - whether you are an employee, or a subcontractor. As a sub, you have the right to fix anything that isn't right. Mastec is apparently a flim flam operation.


I used to subcontract installations from a DirecTV installation company. I worked 50 hours / week Monday - Friday, and yes there were issues. Almost ALL of them were the subject of jokes. Like the lady with a wasp farm in her back yard ... tens of thousands of them behind plywood covering a window HAHAHA! Or the lady who had a lake of sewage under her house LMFAO!!! Or the dumb *** installer that I often went behind to fix his screw ups ...

I got paid like this: $60 for a one set, $70 for a two, $90 for a three, and $100 for a four set. $40 for a service call. The customer paid for extras, like interior wall drops, and pole sets. I charged the customer $40 per drop, and $50 for a pole set. I can do up to four 4 set installs in a day in area I was working mostly. I could do 6 in the better neighborhoods, where the TV's all had cable to them, and a single splitter in the attic.

Often, I'd forget to charge for service calls - if I didn't get a work order in the AM, and the boss called me mid day ...

I averaged $1500 / week after paying for gas, wire, connectors, odds and ends. My job was to run around and make people happy. When I left, people were happy! Not hard to do when you're a happy and conscientious installer, working for a reputable installation company.

Some of you seem to have bosses that are jerks looking to *** over. Find someone that isn't a jackwagon to work for. I'd still be doing it if I didn't have my van, 15 receivers, all my tools / supplies / equipment torched by a punk kid on a vandalism rampage. Now I'm remodeling houses, and it's WAY tougher for about the same money. Eventually I'll make a lot more, or I'd be looking to go back. Now that I think about it - I might just go back to it once I get done with the three months of work I have stacked up. It was a LOT less stress, and I didn't have to worry about finding the next customer, or the business end - a huge expense, and headache.

I NEVER got a chargeback for anything. Not once. I had to go back on the occasional install (maybe once / three months). If a connector went bad, I fixed it. Branch fell on the dish? Fix it. No problems.

We had one installer that DID get charged back a lot. After he was sent back once (at his own expense of course) and the problem was still there or worse - I'd get sent out there, and fix his botched install and get paid for it - he got charged back.

One lady had water pouring out of her reciever. He went back to fix it, and ran a new wire. He DID put a drip loop in it. What he did wrong, was throw a wire over her roof - laid it in the valley, down the wall and in the hole. The roof wore the jacket a little, and it would go through the inside of the wire, and into her reciever.

The fix? run a new wire the right way. It wasn't even that difficult, the guy was just a lazy ***. It took an extra 30 feet of wire. I paid about $40 for 1000 feet ...

He did a pole set at one place. The way he set the pole was with a fence pole setter. Jam it into the dirt. Lady's dish went out. He reset the pole. Winds came, pole spun ...

Ding the bottom of the pole with a hammer. Dig hole. Pour in $4 bag of crete. Pour in water, and stick a rod in it a few times. Level it, and set the dish. My time? 20 minutes. Never had another problem. He still refused to set poles like that because his way was easier and faster. HAH! Easier and faster to make a second trip, and then pay me to do it right? HAHAHA!!!

This guy would leave six foot pieces of wire, connectors, and all kind of *** behind. When I cut a connector, or trimmed the center conductor, it was done over my tool bag, and that's where the bit went. It takes exactly ZERO time or thought if you program yourself to do it that way. There is no excuse for sloppy work.

Now not all installers are like this. I learned from a conscientious installer.

About the six screws in the dish ... that's just a company trying to ***. I used 2 1/4" lags - but I hit RAFTERS with them. That's way more solid than six screws into OSB roof decking, and less holes to leak, and it's buried in the rafter. Of course, if they want six, I'll do it my way, and put four in the decking even though it is more holes in a more leak prone area.

Charging you back for work you didn't do to begin with? That's a crooked company - and the original installer probably no longer worked there to charge back. Find another company if you can - I feel ya there.

Customers want the dish where it won't get reception? I won't do the install - but before it gets even close to there, I'd survey the property, and find the least obtrusive place it could be and get a solid signal. It's all about how you talk to them. You make recommendations, and explain why - and 99% of the time even if they HAD thought of where they wanted it - they will thank you. If they insist, apologize, tell them you can't install and move on. I would never leave an installation with less than 97% signal strength.


If you really want o know why the say use 6 genius it isnt hard to realize that two in the stud and 4 in the osb is for stabilizing purposes mate Two in the stud for securing to the roof and 4 in the osb for additional support. You wont cause leaks if you use bishops tape, pitch patch or some other black tar like material to prevent it . Iv been doing this for 14 years this industry is job security at its best dont *** and compain about the work do it and do it right and you wont get charge backs its simple as that i work for a top paying company as the General Manager we train our guys right the first time so they do the job right and no one has to go back for 3 to 4 years or if the upgrade.


I agree with you Smalpierre... I too am a Sub Contractor and I take great pride in my work.

I don't have the chargebacks or have to go fix my work, because I do it right the first time. I also don't have issues with customers, I have people skills and good customer service. My customers are very pleased with my work and professionalism. I look nice, I don't mess up or damage their house.

Now, oddly...

I got into this line of work when I had a *** sub contractor install my Direct TV. He had wires running all over my house, left clippings of everything, all the zip tie ends, any thing he clipped or snipped. He had to come back twice and on the third time they sent another contractor who was a true professional. I was very impressed by the second one.

After he was finished and we were talking I had expressed an interest in doing installs. He got me on with his company and he was the one who trained me.

I have been doing it now for almost 4 years and I do make good money and enjoy what I do.

If you are a good professional installer there is no reason why you shouldn't make $1500 or more a week.. working around 50 hours...





vehicle maintenance


small parts


long hours


no health insurance


a slick scheme to charge the tech for mismanagement and disgruntled customers

SUB-CONTRACTORS LET'S STAND UP AND UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


save yourself the hassle just go inhouse dude.mastec or direct will laugh you out of town.