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If Direct TV does not discount us for the inconvience they have caused we should all sue them for this, it was a breech of contract and we never agreed to lose our channels that we all pay for and then they just cut it off because they cannot come to an agreement. My kids love Nick and now they cant even watch when I pay for that channel and all the other ones they cancelled and were going without. Direct TV better be very carefull or they will all be out of jobs and they will have no one to come to any agreement with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Monetary Loss: $96.

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On 7/11/12, Direct TV reduced our service with them by approximately 25 channels. I consider this to be a breach of contract by Direct TV, so I decided to cancel my service with them.

I called to cancel on 7/11/12, and they informed me that I would have to pay $220 ($20.00 per month for the remaining 11 months of contract) to cancel. The service representative also stated that I will have to continue to pay for those channels, even though they are no longer available to me.


If its Not a brench of contract its false adivertiment either way i will b calling back again tomorrow n tell them that if they dont do something more we should sue them or just cut them off untill we get what we want


I pay over $100 a month all that's left to watch now is infomercials. Screw dtv


I get why everyone is so upset, I really do, and I'm thrilled that I don't have Direct TV, however, all this breach of contract nonsense is annoying. There is no contract that guarantees your cable/satellite provider has to give you certain channels.

They all have fine print which state the line-ups offered are subject to change. That's how they get away with removing channels.


*** on Dtv.

Garbage service and way overpriced, just another scam to raise the rates again, the bunch of lying sacks of ***.

And the *** with Viacom there useless too.



I am seriously considering thinking about switching to cable because of this. I was thinking about it before this happen but this has definitely has added fuel to the fire for me.

26 channels are a lot of channels to be taken away and we should receive a discount for all those channels be taken away. Direct TV sucks!!


I HATE DTV!!! I hope DTV customers all cease business with the sorry company!!!


I agree, DTV should be sued for breech of contract!!! As soon as I can I will no longer subscribe to DTV nor will I ever return as a customer!!!