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I watch nothing but sports. I do not watch anything else.

But yet for me to watch what I enjoy, DTV, which I have, forces me to have the CHOICE package to have my channels. CHOICE, which is $83.00 a month! Their ENTERTAINMENT / $68.00 and SELECT / $56.00 packages are lower but not by much. If I go down on those packages, I lose all of the sports channels that I enjoy watching.

DTV needs to create a package called 20 FOR $20.00. You get to choice 20 channels for $20.00 a month. Mine would be 202/206/208/209/212/213/215/216/219/220/221/245/246/247/256/269/276/312/355/356. - 20 FOR $20.00 ALL LOCAL STATIONS ARE FREE!

If we wish, we can pick out 5 music channels for $5.00. Please help me and others that watches only sports and none of the others? It not right to be charged $83.00 a month for hundreds of channels that we never watch. I am in desperate need of help with my bill.

PLEASE HELP ME. I have tried talking to DTV and asking them for help with my bill. They plat out said no.

Please help me. Sincerely, Wayne Ward

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Choice Tv Package.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Espn by itself, is $7.50. In an ala carte situation, the owner of Disney(ESPN) has said it will be $20 by itself.

Local channels and sports are the two most expensive sets of channels there are. For 20 channels(including locals), you’re looking at a closer to $60-$80 bill. Even more if it does not include the shipping and spiritual channels.

They pay to be carried and subsidize the regular programming. The bundles allow for bundle pricing, which means significant amount of money saved.

@Boogey Man

If nothing else, DTV should at least put all of the basic sports channels in the two lower and cheaper packages. That would help some with those two packages being cheaper than CHOICE.