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Ever since merged with ATT cust serv is horrible. I have no idea how they make commercials about being great cust serv award winners. Only way I think is because they cut you breaks with some money off because they know your on phone forever.

I called 2hr 9 min ago and it's still going on. Why I'm on so long, we'll watch CFB but want to activate 2 more recv so can watch multiple games. That's it ! Just want activate receiver. But transferred 4x, disconnected 3 and now still on hold. Love when they tell me 10m

Still on And for your checking DTV Hope u see computer screen of how long I'm waiting.

Now not gonna complain when they do give ㅆ $10-20 off for the month because of waiting. But still horrible. Atleast only 2 of the 4 I talked to were hard to understand, Atleast they're making strides there.

Need to get back to way your CS was few years ago when it was the best. Very disappointed the way it's going. Hire more CS reps if need to. Do something. Cause if you lose NFL contract I think way your CS is , your gonna lose 30-40% of your customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I totally agree the new guide is terrible, I have to get up and stand close to the front of the TV just to read it now!!