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Update by user Aug 20, 2013

Not sure why I am complaining about rain and outages, I had a similar experience with installation.

When I moved, the previous owner already had Directv, thus the home was "set up" for it, I assumed.

I made arrangements with Directv to install service and did heed the previous owner's instructions of letting the installer know, before he arrived that I had an incredibly steep and high roof. I did.

Installer #1 - refuses to go onto roof

Second appointment and installer #2 - refuses to go onto roof

Third appointment (wife home waiting this time) has no problem going up on roof but says that the (free installation) did not cover removal of the two existing dishes. My wife calls me with this news and his quote of $139 per dish to remove. I told him to just leave them, I'd take them down if necessary. Still he removed them and sent me a bill, (which I of course refused to pay).

Update by user Aug 20, 2013

DIRECTV delivers 99% worry-free signal reliability, based on a nationwide study of representative cities. Our state-of-the-art equipment is extremely reliable, day and night. On very rare occasions, severe weather conditions may interrupt a signal for a moment, but the clear and crisp picture you're used to always returns very quickly.

Taken from Directv's webiste

Original review posted by user Aug 14, 2013

And we all know what raining means - NO DIRECTV.

Now call customer service and they will rattle off some set of statistics that I would imagine that their supervisor gave them, maybe even on a nice neat pre-printed note card.

But the hard facts of the matter are simple, if rain is falling from the sky - my Directv will not receive a signal.

No, there are no trees blocking my signal, just tiny little rain drops - and you can count on it, rain begins to fall - signal goes out!

I have an old TV in my garage that has a coat hanger for an antenna and it gets a signal in the rain.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Yes 99% is relative to interpretation. ..

1% of a year is 1day +++++ what 99% signal reliability does DirecTV mean?????

They will never tell you in plain English how unreliable their signal is. No matter how immoral it is friends......


This is just another dumb Nigg from LA who can't figure out there are problems beyond the control of man, why don't you put the bone back in your nose and go out and kill a chicken to get the weather sunny year round


Hey I object to that... when doing voodoo you take the bone out of the nose as a sign of respect to the gods..

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Stopped to have dinner at a nearby sports bar and grill last evening. On the walls, the place had at least 40 or so flat screen television sets. While dining, it began to rain. At a table near me, I overheard a child ask the waiter if he could "fix the TV", every set in the place had frozen pictures or a bouncing Directv logo on screen.

The waiter replied to the child, 'No sir, I'm sorry, I can't, it's raining and we have Directv, don't you ever get it'

I had to laugh as I photographed the frozen sets.


Happened again on Thursday - was patient enough to wait out the hold time (almost 30 minutes) to speak to tech support who helped me determine that only my HD DVR is affected, other sets work, took about 20 minutes but he was able to reset my receiver remotely. Thanks

Only question remaining now, is do I just need to invest an hour on the phone every time it rains OR did it stop raining during that hour and would it have fixed itself?

Things that make you go hummmmmmm


Sorry to hear you're having this issue. Now all notecards aside, a little rain should cause no issues.

Usually when a customer calls in with sfss and they're having rain in their area, we actually don't want to shrug it off and say "oh well, screw it, you're out of luck". What we actually want to do is find out the signal strength in fair weather. That way we can see if possibly you are getting a weakened signal. With this, we would want to check transponders 1&2 on the 99c and 1&2 on 103cb satellites if you have hd, and 1 and 2 on 101 if you have sd.

If the signal strength all looks good, it could still be a cabling issue, such as water getting at the connections in some way. I usually actually recommend checking in fair weather and in rain. If your signal drops say 40% with a light rain, there's probably an issue with the connectors.

Ignore the bottom comment, rain can cause issues, but when the equipment is working properly it should not. Unless you're having like crazy flash floods or something like that.


This is a comment for all who are thinking to have direct tv instal. Don't DO IT!!!!!!

I have never dealt with anything like this. It has been a nightmare. First they instal the wrong package.Them I was on the phone for 2 1/2 hours and talked to 7 people.All of them suppose to be supervisor but had no authority to help me!!!. The last person on the phone said that I have 10 days of grace period and some one will call me back with the result.

At the 8th days I call. The charges for upgrade(that is how they call changing your existing packege) has been drop!!! Now I Need it different equipment to have my packege instal yes the one that I want from the beginning. After 3 hour more in the phone and talking with 5 people All of them supervisor but had no authority to help me!!!!!!

I was Frustrated so I stop and went to do something also in the house. Later that evening I discover that the sport channels where not the ones that I want. "This dose it I thought" and I call to cancel the hold thing , (after all I am in my grace period right) Not that easy!!!! Because I have agree on them to change the packege that i was supposed to get from the beginning, now I have to paid cancellation fee for terminating my contract.

$500.00 to cancel plus 100.00 installation fee and 200 dollars that I choose to paid for the equipment. This is my 800.00 dollars nightmare.

for every one that is thinking on having direct tv instal DO NOT DO IT.


maybe if you had gone to school and not dropped out at third grade you'd realize that rain blocks satellite signals