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The new direct TV guide font is way too small. The time and channel number is hard to find as well.

I have good eyesight and am only in my 30’s. If I am having trouble reading the small font, I can only imagine how hard it is for elderly or people with poor eyesight to read.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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When are you going to FIX the size of the FONT on the Guide?I am old and can't read the DUMB small font you created with the new menu. Fix it or I will end my subscription come September I go to DISH TV.

and I intend to get many many people behind me.

THIS is harmful to a persons eyes. FIX IT!


The fonts are way to small if it don’t change to a different size or back to what it was I’ll look for another service! The remote doesn’t do any good if you have to go to the tv to see what’s on!


I agree and am calling them 4/20 with a threat to switch providers.


I have been a Direct TV customer since 1990. I called to complain about the new size of font on my guide.

I was told I had to deal with it until enough people complained online.

This is so sad that a company as big as AT&T and Direct TV can not change something as simple as a font number! Now that I think about it Aluminum foil antenna weren't so bad!


I agree. The font is way too small to read from where I sit to watch TV.

Go back to the old format, please! Also, when I am watching a show which was recorded on a previous day, suddenly the screen will go totally black for a second or two, thereby losing that portion of your show.

Then the recording continues. This is very annoying.