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Last week we sat down to watch our favorite show that we have recorded for over three years. We knew we had approx 3 episodes to binge watch! Yay! NO!

Found this large boxing the middle of our screen and unable to read the font!!! Also unable to see which episode I’m about to view and then after viewing, which one I will be deleting and then needing to find my show on the big rectangular BILLBOARD LIKE BOX... that is anything but a guide!!! What in the world provoked direct tv to freaking F this up! And then have the nerve to explain to me after I have called them several times, “yes sir, other customers are quite unhappy as well and the technicians are working on it right now.” I was told that “in a few days” my screen format would be returned to normal. Pants afire! Scoundrels! Why screw up a halfway decent deal you had going for you! And no-it’s nit that it’s just “a change” and “oh you’ll get used to it!” It’s like this- in order to watch the tube... we have to move our furniture to where we could actually read the darling new “guide!”

So you have lost us as a customer... and while I’m sure it makes no difference to any one on the other end of the phone...I wanted someone there to know!that for the most part throughout many years I have always enjoyed direct tv, I have only had direct tv (since living in NC)

I am of the uunderstanding that it is impossible for you to correct this problem with your guide. One could say, well that’s technology for you. I am unhappy and wish you all well with your new and unimproved service to your customers!


Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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