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Please go back to old guide. Don’t fix what wasn’t broken.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Not sure if the design process on the new guide. I assume there all several teams and testers involved, supervisors that approve each step and design.

THEY ALL NEED FIRED!! The designers for being so dumb and the supervisors that approved this horrid new layout!


The new Direct TV guide is the worst!!! Smaller print, light grey on a medium grey background...

Are you kidding me!!! Who do they think can read this??? It's almost impossible on a 40" screen.

I can't imagine how hard it is to read on a smaller screen. The previous guide wasn't broken so this "fix" really stinks.


Directv is horrible now. Not only the guide but the lag time makes it impossible to skip commercials (intentional?).

The guide is awful. It takes five steps to find a recorded show where it used to take two.

Terrible update! May have to look for an alternative.


Hard to use. Less option. Can you say “New Coke”


This new guide is a copy of TiVo from 20 years ago... BUT worse.Plus, you built the tab like a touch screen in the Menu ..

Stupid.. we use a remoteI could tell you 15 + things more things that are wrongFYI: This is the first time I have ever c/o any PRODUCT


This new guide is responsible for me pulling the plug and going with Dish. This is the worst graphics design I have ever seen.

Poor contrast, wrong typeface, left column is totally unreadable.

Who thought this was a good idea? I have been a Directv customer for 15 years, but it ends now.


Direct tv changed the guide....the new guide format is a mess. so complicated and not user friendly.

why change the explanation as usual. take something that works and mess it up....way to go Direct TV. And there is no way to contact them to ask any questions.

Not a customer friendly company. What a pain.