Portales, New Mexico
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Changing H2 to viceland, really? "VICELAND" how can that be good??

It is not. I am in the process of getting my programming another way to avoid more weird/unwanted channels off my directv.

The price I pay is exorbitant but it is one of our only forms of entertainment where I live, however this change has given me the reason I need to put myself in high gear to leave directv. I have been a customer for for over 15 years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: just poor decisions being made.

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Why in the world would they put Viceland on, I watched my H2 all the time. This really has me upset, who in the heck is in charge....what were they thinking, now it's just trash !!!

I expect more for the price I'm paying...something needs to be done. I don't pay to watch trash !!!!


I don't think Directv and ATT cares what we think about programming we receive. Removing History II for Viceland is the last straw for me.

Time to ditch the high fees and get my programs somewhere else that cares about customer support. Very disgusted!!!!!


I totally agree! Viceland is AWFUL!

Bring back History International!

I hate Viceland!! Maybe it's time to switch to Dish Network!


Yeah the Viceland thing has pushed me over as well. H2 was a great channel, with out that, I don't need direct tv


Dropping H2 could be very bad for your business. Not to mention the trash you replaced it with.