Dudley, North Carolina
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Please stop acting like men are the only ones who watch tv. It's bad marketing.

These commercials are a lot like Hardees commercials and they are demeaning to women. Makes me think some old perverted man owns Direct TV just as an old perverted man owns Hardees. Show some respect for all women. Women don't like sitting on the couch watching decent tv with their husbands and then having a half naked beautiful woman flaunted in their husband's faces.

You are advertising for a tv service not an escort service! My husband and I have switched to cable tv in part because of these raunchy commercials and I'm certain I'm not the only concerned woman/wife.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Yea same here. We are tired of it. Will switch providers once our contract is up if it doesn't stop.


My hubby and I feel the same way. He proclaims "f you hannah" every time that commercial plays.

I'm truly disappointed in Directv's marketing department that they thought Hannah was a positive step up from Rob Lowe's arm hair curtains.

At least Rob Lowe's commercial talked about the benefits of directv and added a cute sense of humor. Directv obviously doesn't think much of their female customers for this line of commercials with hannah.