Kingman, Arizona
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We were a valued customer of Directtv for over 10 years until we had a dispute over $10.00. We were not satisfied with the results of the disputes so we cancelled our subscription.

Now we are being harassed by their telemarketers wanting us to sign up with their special offers. They are calling anywhere from 3 to 7 time A DAY. We have tried unsuccessfully to talk to a supervisor to get our number on their do-not-call list. You would think that the employers of these telemarketers money would be better spent if they took our number off and concentrated on potential new customers.

Instead they are guaranteeing that an already dissatisfied ex-customer will never return.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Try this: when they call just say "can you hold on a minute?" and then lay the receiver down as if you went to do something. Eventually, they will hang up.

At least you will waste their time as they have yours. When they hang up just replace the receiver.