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After switching to Fios, we terminated our Direct TV account, settled up [credit balance], returned all access cards, and received refund check. And THEN started receiving 3+ harassing phone messages a day - about unpaid movie rental fees that were mysteriously left on our access cards, totaling $23. When terminating our account we received no summary bill - just a refund check. Now they are "after us", when we were very good customers for 8 years. Yow - idiots. I don't believe we owe them.

As a courtesy, I called their collections folks today to exchange information, clarify, and try to settle - they are not telling me which rental movies went unpaid off of the access cards [is this even possible?]


Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Our particular service allowed movie access only with a telephone line connection, or by an online order, either of which would have recorded the expenditure.

Honestly, the most troubling part is the telephone harassment left on our voicemail during our vacation. No bill sent, no itemized statement - it would seem that their strategy is nearly 100% guaranteed to cause ill will.

I'm going to request an itemized statement of both our account closure and refund, as well as these newly discovered charges.


No they can't. It's like any other credit transaction: they must provide proof - a date and time and order number (or item description).

They must show you proof. Saying "You owe us" means diddly.


It is possible. Since Directv is satellite and can't return info through cables they use a phone line. If you order movies using your remote and you don't have the receiver connected to a phone line then the charges cannot be reported to Directv and they stay stored on the card. This

Means that Directv doesn't even know about the order until they get the receiver and card back so they can get the info off the card.

Your experience is a common one because many people dot have landlines anymore so the receivers are not connected to phone lines. Also no one remembers what they did or didnt order months or even years ago. Let alone if someone else in their home ordered it. Those cards are encrypted though so they can't be compromised and each card is only used for one receiver. You most likey owe the charges. I would pay up. They should have the titles of the movies though, unless it was ***- then it would just be a channel number.

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