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The idiots installed my son's dish at college in the winter when no leaves were on the trees. Naturally in the spring he couldn't get reception.

There was no other location for the dish per the condo rules so we had to cancel. Then they took $260 out of our checking thru our debit card without our consent as an early cancellation fee. How can they do all this and get away with it?

Has anyone taken DirecTV to Small Claims Court over these types of *** things? Are they allowed to do anything they want and get away with it?

Please post your results if you've ever taken them to court.

It would be appreciated by all of us posting.

Monetary Loss: $260.

Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina

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Who do we serve in regards to DirectTV--small claims. Installation on a rental was shoddy with lots of wall damages.


Have you received an answer for this? I am in same boat in Sacramento, CA. Thank you for your help!


Condo HAS to allow the dish in a place that will result in a good line of site. Look up OTARD rule!


Now they have rally stooped to a new low. When they found ou that they couldn't process against a credit card oor my checking acount they wnet bck through old records and processed the lousy $22 dispute against my ex-wifes account.


SHAME ON YOU DIRECT TV. I am surprided that ATT wants to be affiliated with you


Haha! No surprise that AT&T wants to be affiliated with DirectTV....

AT&T is the most crooked company in history!

Most of DirectTV's issues and illicit practices began with AT&T bought them out.


I am going to start the proccess. They installed my t.v that was working fine.

As soon as he connected it you could hear sound but the tv started changing bright colors. My daughter asked what did you do he said ive never seen that before didnt ecall anyone just left. Called that night when I got home nothing.

Called the next day a superviser sent another guy out who agreed he messed up the t.v after 3 mths they call and said thete denying my claim because it was a manufacture error.. they are dishonest


we had a problem, basically they told us one price then charged us a

much higher price, to the tune of #400.00. We took them to small claims court.

They did not appear at the proceedings, so had to refund our money on default. Don`t be afraid to use this tool.

It is very easy and not expensive.


Not successfully. They had your permission when you agreed to the terms and conditions of the services.

Check the cancellation policy on their customer agreement via online. Anyone has access to it.


I am in the process of taking Direct TV to small claims court. Started service in 2008 dropped in 2013 when I moved.

Becuase I added a receiver in 2012 they said that constituted a new contract. That is not the case. Stopped payment at the Credit card company and will fight these crooks in small claims if they attempt to get the my money. You can file locally and all the forms are on-line.

They are common criminals.

Stand up to these crooks.


jim reeves....You should contact your bank and ask if you can dispute the charges with DTV.If they replace the money,you may have to change account #'s to keep DTV from reapplying the charges. Good Luck


i had a stroke and i canceled direct tv since i was unable to pay .i cancel service that sent me a bill for over 244 dollars i told them i was on disabily they didnt care they took 99 00... for my bank account which was my rent so now i am unable to pay all my rent that thief as far as i concerned


I had one land line with at&t for 60 a mo. I have had at&T for many years they sent a flyer 2011 get a cell phone and your land line and cell 74.99 I did and I ended up paying 92 a mo.

then they sent a flyer get direct TV I did my bill is now 167 a mo. I want to end my contract for free I want to take it to small cliams


"9. Written by BobT on February 8, 2010

all you people need to do is record your telephone conversations with Directv and get your state attorney general office involved in it..Directv does not want that problem "

Bad advice - you must look at your state laws regarding the recording of conversations, or advise the other party that they are being recorded. Doing so without permission or against state law holds the recording inadmissible and potentially criminal and civil liability against the recorder.


These are all interesting reads - here is my story:

1.) Call to cancel DirecTV to switch to U-Verse after 8+ years as a DTV customer

2.) They counter and ask why and we can drop your payment by $27/mo

3.) Also they tell me that I have a contract with them since I swapped out a receiver, which I was not aware of a new 2-year agreement;

4.) They tell me it will cost me $220 to disconnect; I tell them no way am I paying something I was not aware of and ask to speak to a mgr; after being disconnected once and on hold for over 1 hour, I explain to the mgr and he agrees to absolve me of the cost if I send back the DVR receiver

5.) I send back the DVR receiver

6.) They bill me for the $220 disconnect fee

7.) I call DTV and they say there is nothing in their notes about being credited and that I owe the $220. I tell them to f-off (politely) and I am contacting my credit card company

8.) I contact AmEx and they start the dispute

9.) 4-6 weeks later, AmEx finds in my favor

10.) DTV send paper bill

11.) I investigate taking them to small claims court to reverse the $220 charge and refund me my $55 credit and I think about suing for the $2500 in overpayments if they were so willing to drop my monthly charge by $27 (over 8 years, that adds up).


Welcome to America..No more are businesses held to any standard..Not even medical providers YOU must KNOW the right question to ask regarding coverage or YOU will pay the bill instead of your Insurance Co..

No different with DTV,warner cable, Best buy etc.they all are thieves ,,I don't mind business making money I HATE WHEN THEY MISLEAD AND STEAL IT !! University stated" it's not our job to tell you that we don't accept insurance coverage we only tell you we accept it, not that we are IN NETORK


so true


:sigh :cry :upset :(


I am in the process now. They have ten more days left to respond to the registered letter from the court. Wish me luck!!


the 10 days expired and I got my money via small claims court. They forgot to appear at the proceedings and defaulted.

Happy day. We use Dish network and will never change to the crooks of Direct tv.

husband of pamyjean


Hi there, Congratulations! I am filling out small claims paperwork now but have a question?

The corporate address I have is a PO Box. Who did you "serve" your papers to?

I m in CA. Thank you for your help!


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